Ted and Rae Segerstrom’s Incredible Muscle Car Collection

best muscle car collection

Ted and Rae Segerstrom’s collection of classic Mustangs, Shelbys, Cobras, and other muscle cars, is probably one of the greatest in the country. Ted and Rae Segerstrom has made a heaven for any muscle car fan. This impressive collection is found in Orange County, California near the Irvine, Costa Mesa, and Newport Beach areas.

This amazing collection of classic muscles consist of over 60 Shelbys but what’s really impressive is that the quality of each one is just amazing. Some of the most interesting cars in the collection are Shelby G.T. 350/ G.T. 500s of different year models, mostly from 1965 to 70. They have a 1965 G.T. 350; 5 1966 G.T. 350s, most of them were G.T. 350H Hertz rental cars; a 1967 G.T. 350; a 1967 GT500; about 10 1968 G.T. 350s, G.T. 500KRs, and G.T. 500s; and more than 10 1969 to 1970 G.T. 350s and G.T. 500’s.

best muscle car collection

Aside from several Shelbys, they also have a number of Mustangs that are all in great condition such as the Royal Maroon 1969 Boss 429 and a Grabber Orange 1970 Boss 302. But the group that really stood out was a wide range of high-performance “Big Body” Mustangs from 1971 which include several 429 Cobra Jets and Boss 351s.

Another car that stood out among the rest was the latest addition to the collection which is a 1971 Mach 1 that is powered by a 429 Super Cobra Jet and has a 4-speed manual transmission. This 429SCJ has a Grabber Blue paint and is one of only 35 429SCJ that came with the Drag Package and among 24 that were equipped with the 4-speed transmission. Out of those, there are only 9 429SCJs that originally came with a 9-inch axle that has 4.11 gears.

There are dozens more in Ted and Rae Segerstrom’s collection that are as awesome as the Shelby G.T. 500 Dragster Pack. There is also a 1968 Mustang GT that is powered by an R-code 428 Cobra Jet engine which is among the 34 1968 Mustang GT convertibles that were built that came with the R-code 428CJ and matched with a 4-speed transmission.

yellow shelby gt500

Ted and Rae Segerstrom’s collection is certainly a treat to anyone who tours their gallery, Muscle car fan or not. All cars look to be well maintained and most probably driven regularly, who wouldn’t enjoy riding one these classics on a daily basis? Here are some of the stunning Muscle cars that you’ll see in the collection:

black shelby gt500

orange shelby gt350  green shelby gt500

racing green shelby gt500 mach 1 ford mustang    classic police car  terlingua racing team

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