1988 Chevrolet Sprint That Wants to Become a Supercar

1988 Chevrolet Sprint

Just looking at this car may give you the impression that it’s an ordinary 1988 Chevrolet Sprint Metro, one of the most popular economy cars in the 80s. A humble car that does not really stand out but if you look closer, you’ll see that there is more to it that meets the eye. The rear wheels are a bit larger than they should be and the interior has been modified to be race ready as well. That gives the impression that this Sprint is no longer an economy car and with the large V8 engine, it just proves that this car means business.

This simple looking 1988 Chevrolet Sprint Metro that wants to become a supercar is being sold on eBay with a price of $44,995. If you want to check it out, it is currently at Concord, North Carolina.

Chevrolet Sprint

So why turn this Chevy Sprint economy car into a supercar? Because why not? According to the seller, Fatman Fabrications from Charlotte, North Carolina turned the Sprint into a supercar in 2007. The build started with the fabrication of a full square-tube space frame chassis that was then installed to the original unibody. The original suspension was replaced by a fresh MacPherson strut front suspension system. Nissan pickup truck brakes were then added to the car. To house the big wheels, the rear was heavily modified with a sturdy Ford 9-inch rear differential and complemented with a Detroit Truetac limited-slip differential, 2 turbochargers, and a 2.50:1 dragster gears.

The 2 turbochargers are placed in the trunk because there isn’t really any room for them under the hood which only had enough space for the small original 3-cylinder engine. This Sprint is now powered by a large 6.6 L aluminum V8 that was made by Duttweiler Performance and is fitted with lots of competition spec upgrades which is now capable of producing a stunning 954 horsepower. All of that roaring power is directed to a reinforced TH350 3-speed automatic to make sure that all of that power gets where it should be.

1988 Chevrolet Sprint engine

To reduce the weight, all of the unnecessary interior parts have been removed. This also makes more room for the gigantic V8 stuffed under the hood and behind the dash, as well as making some extra leg room. The comforts are probably the last priority for this Sprint and focused everything on speed and power.

Depending on where you’re driving this tiny beast, the seller says that it is street legal despite all of the modifications. Some cities may not allow a tiny dragster with 1,000 horsepower to cruise around town so it’s better to know which towns you can drive it.

chevy sprint

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