Turquoise Terror 1960 Corvette With A Lot Of Spunk

1960 Corvette

Although the name given by its owner Ron Langlois is Tropical Turquoise taken from its custom made paint, but name Turquoise Terror also fits due to its menacing personality.

*Check out this classic “Chevrolet Corvette Parking Only” sign.*

Ron found the 1960 Corvette back in 2004. During that time, he has already been looking for another C1 Corvette. He already had 4 Corvettes and though it was time to add another one. He received a call from someone from Toronto that had a C1 Corvette for sale. The Corvette was originally made on September 11, 1959. It came in a red finish with white coves and the interior was also red to match the exterior, it is the 200th of the 544 that had power windows. When Ron found it, it had more than 100,000 miles but was still in good condition with some minor damages.

Turquoise 1960 Corvette interior

To make sure that the Corvette was a good find, he talked to Ernie Barrett of Vette Works from Port Perry, Ontario, and Canada to help assess the condition of the car. Ernie has worked on numerous restoration projects and has earned a lot of experience to assess the future cost of any project. They both agreed that the car was great but it no longer had the original engine, this means that it is no longer possibly to restore it to a proper NCRS car without spending a huge amount on it. Ron was ok with that as he only wanted to have a cruiser with some performance upgrades and still has the style of an NCRS car. Ron started to find the color he wanted and with Ernie’s assistance, they were able to create the Tropical Turquoise. The color was inspired by the Tasco Turquoise that was used on the 1960 Corvettes but with a greener hue.

Turquoise 1960 Corvette

For more than 10 years, Ron’s new Corvette was continuously improved. Ron looked for proper Corvette parts from several dealers. He prioritized looking parts that improved performance and reliability. The generator was rebuilt, carburetor overhauled, new hoses installed, and other mechanical works. Before Ron worked with the Corvette, its handling was not great and fuel consumption not really friendly. So Ron’s plans for the Corvette was changed.

Ron planned every step of the Corvettes build. Selecting the right chassis to suit his needs was the first step. The chassis was narrowed down by Corvette Corrections from Seguin, Texas. Bill Dawson owns the Corvette Corrections that specializes in working with C1, C2, and Tri-Five Chevrolets. A Stage III Kit was used and fitted with 2008 Z06 wheels and C4-style suspension. For the drivetrain, it had an LS3 engine that produced 450 horsepower and is connected to a 6-speed overdrive automatic transmission. The kit featured a mounted fuel pump, stainless steel gas tank, and Danna 44 rear end fitted with 3.08:1 gears. This made the Corvettes fuel consumption to 26 mpg.

The next stage was working with the body. The body was separated from the original chassis. The engine bay was cleaned and stripped, and its firewall leveled. Fillers were created to give the engine bay a “finished” look and separated the engine from the other components. The engine compartment has the same Tropical Turquoise finish of the exterior. Several of the engine trims and fillers also has the same finish. The hood window which is based on the C6 ZR1 design was supplied by Power Portal Products. This required the supporting structures of the hood to be rebuilt. The last touch was the custom ceramic-coated exhaust headers that were based on the Camaro and is then completed by the 2.5-inched undercar exhaust.

Turquoise 1960 Corvette engine

Turquoise 1960 Corvette seats

The interior was also taken out and stripped bare, the interior panels were then painted with “Lizard Skin” coat that acts as a noise damper and heat insulator. The entire interior was restored by Trim Tech from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, and painted using a color-correct kit supplied by AL Knoch. The each seat features an embroidered C1 logo. New carpets were then added to both the trunk and interior, the C1 logo was also embroidered in both.

For a comfortable ride, Vintage Air A/C and heater system were installed. Classic Industries reworked the gauges and other parts of the dashboard. All lights were replaced with LED lights and the exhaust bezels mounted on the rear bumper are stuffed with LED brake lights.

*Check out this classic “Chevrolet Corvette Parking Only” sign.*

It took some years to finish the build. The first time it was showed to the public in its complete state was during the Toronto Spring Custom Car Show, as one of his local club’s booth. Ron is planning to go to Rhode Island for the NCRS National Convention. Ron is still planning more improvements for the 1960 Corvette including a new sound system as the original one is no longer reliable.

Turquoise 1960 Corvette trunk

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