Bobby Alloway’s Badass 1962 Corvette

1962 Corvette

A good eye can clearly see that this 1962 Corvette is no ordinary Corvette. From the awesome grille to its cool hot rod stance, this 1962 Corvette from Alloway’s Hot Rod Shop is one badass ride. And of course they did not forget to put a badass engine under the hood, it has a 454 big block engine which is more than enough power to go with its awesome look. Bobby Alloway from Louisville, Tennessee owns Alloway’s Hot Rod Shop and certainly loves the color black which this Corvette is all about.

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Chevrolet produced 14,531 1962 Corvettes but it’s not really clear how many were built in Tuxedo Black. In 1961, there were 1,340 Corvettes with Tuxedo Black finish came out from the assembly line in St Louis, Missouri, but in 1962, it is strange that only the Almond Beige and Fawn Beige Corvettes were recorded.

Bobby Alloway’s Badass 1962 Corvette

Bobby Alloway made this 1962 Corvette especially for Cindy Alloway, his wife. When they were working with the Corvette, stripped down to bare chassis and body prepared for a rotisserie restoration, they found out that this Corvette originally came in Tuxedo Black.

Bobby loves the nose-slammed stance and all of the custom cars that goes through Alloway’s shop are built this way which became their shop’s signature design. They also enjoy putting a big block in the front. To get the desired stance for the 1962 Corvette, they mounted the stock body onto wooden blocks and got the measurements for the wheels and tires. The measurements were then delivered to Art Morrison Enterprises from Tacoma, Washington. There, the first chassis for Alloway’s custom Corvettes was fabricated. Soon enough, Alloway is planning to create an Alloway Corvette line.

1962 Corvette chassis

Although Art Morrison has a Morrison GT Sports chassis that is compatible for any 1953-1962 Corvettes, Alloway needs a chassis with the front frame rails that is 4-inch narrower to fit his design. The design will have a large hooped deep-dish wheels fitted with very wide tires. The narrow front will allow the Corvette to maintain its turning radius even though it has a very low ride. The rear frame rails are also 2 inches shorter than Morrison’s standard GT Sports chassis. The rear suspension is a triangulated four-bar that has Strange Engineering adjustable coilovers which are similar to a GT Sport but with a live rear axle. The straight-axle for the 1962 Corvette was the last of the live rear axle used in a Corvette. The Corvette features a Currie 9-inch with a limited slip and 4.56 gears. The disc brakes on all four wheel are Baer 6-piston calipers with 14-inch slotted rotors working behind Alloway’s exclusive five-spoke mags made by Billet Specialties. The wheels are 17×7 up front and 20×10 in the rear, all of which are fitted with sports Diamond Back BFG g-Force T/A redline radial tires.

Bobby found a 1962 Corvette with a cherry body which appeared to have no major damage and only minor repairs needed for the fiberglass body but when he got it, he found out that the hood has been damaged by a carburetor fire which made the center of the hood very brittle. The front valance was also badly damaged, both can no longer be saved and were discarded. The replacements were supplied by Sermersheim from Evansville, Indiana. To properly repair the fiberglass body of the 1962 Corvette, it required the Ivory color polyester primer which is found on any 1956-1962 Corvette. The body works and paint was all done by Alloway’s shop. Clausen’s Sandy hi-build polyester plastic filler was applied on both the steel surfaces and fiberglass. The body was then fitted to the chassis and any gaps were closed and sanded down until everything was perfectly smooth.

black 1962 Corvette

Badass 1962 Corvette

After that, PPG products were used including the Alloway Black basecoat and the clearcoat to cover the entire body. The Morison chassis and other parts were also sprayed with the ultra-glossy PPG Alloway Black. To complement the glossy deep black finish, shiny chrome parts were added. Dan’s Polishing from Adamsville, Tennessee created the triple chrome plating which includes the 1959 Corvette grille supplied by Corvette Central.

Cindy’s Corvette conceals a lot of complex work that has been carefully hidden. Although the 1962 Corvette does not have a lot of space behind the dash, Alloway was able to find a way to fit the Vintage Air air-conditioning, Kugel Komponents 90-degree clutch and brake pedals that have master cylinders. There are also a set of custom-ordered Classic Instruments gauges fitted on the stock dash. The pedestal-mount gas pedal is from Lokar. Alloway made sure Cindy had enough space on the driver’s seat, the large stock steering wheel was replaced by a smaller version of a 1962 Corvette steering wheel by Volunteer Vette Products. The PPG gloss red sprayed steering wheel was then mounted on an ididit tilt steering column.

1962 Corvette interior

1962 Corvette dashboard

Knoxville upholsterer Steve Holcomb from Pro Auto Custom Interiors cut about 2 inches of foam from the stock bucket seats to create more room for the driver without messing with the actual bucket seats. Holcomb then added red leather to the bucket seats, door panels, and dash. The red leather is matched with red Daytona weave carpet. The same thing was also done on the trunk. This created a very stylish red interior that goes really well with the Tuxedo Black exterior.

1962 Corvette engine

The Alloway’s Hot Rod Shop engines are known to idle with a unique rhythm which is due to the unique cams for the 454 Chevy big block created by Mylon Keasler from Keasler Racing & Machine from Maryville, Tennessee. The 454 also features a 780-cfm Holley that sits on an authentic 1970 LS6 Chevelle low-riser aluminum intake manifold and a Corvette air cleaner. PML from Inglewood, California supplied the polished aluminum valve covers and the Corvettes starts with an MSD control box that has an MSD distributor. The Corvette breathes through headers, mufflers, and pipes supplied by Barillaro Speed Emporium, all of which are coated by silver ceramic done by Gene Mobley from Performance Coatings. To cool the 454 big block, Steve Long from Indianapolis supplied the radiator. All of the power is then directed to a TREMEC TKO 500 5-speed transmission supplied by American Powertrain.

*Check out this classic “Chevrolet Corvette Parking Only” sign.*

Although Bobby Alloway may not be the first one to build a custom Corvette, this one of a kind Tuxedo Black 1962 Corvette is probably one of the most popular in the country.

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