Muscle Car Girl: Becky Watson and Her 1965 Mustang

1965 Mustang

Muscle cars have always been known as a toy for the big boys but every now and then we find girls that enjoy the sound of a roaring muscle car. One of them is Becky Watson with her 1965 Mustang.

Becky has always been a fan of Mustangs since the beginning. Her dad got his first car at the age of 16 years old which was a red 1966 Mustang and owned it till he started a family. That Mustang was the one her parents drove when they brought Becky home after she was born, the Mustang was her very first ride. Her dad’s passion for Mustangs became his life. As Becky grew up, her father continued to work with Mustangs by buying and restoring them, and he was always happy to share his passion with Becky. As a child, Becky spent a lot of time helping her father work with the Mustangs and always enjoyed it. “It’s safe to say our house is known as the ‘Mustang house’ in the town I grew up in. Besides my ’65, my dad currently has four Mustangs, a 1966 and three ’65s, and my sister also has a 1965 of her own,” Becky said.

red 1966 Mustang

white 1965 Mustang

Becky inherited her father’s love for Mustangs and always wanted to have her own since she was still young. Her father wanted Becky to truly care for her first car so he wanted Becky to save the money for her car on her own, eventually Becky was able to save up and found the perfect first car, a stunning Vintage Burgundy 1965 Mustang Coupe that was powered by a V8 engine and featured a black and white pony interior. “It’s been so fun to be able to work on my own car with my dad,” Becky said.

Becky believes that she truly loves Mustangs because of everything about them and not because she grew up in a Mustang family. “I love the fact that the engines are simple enough to work on myself (maybe with a little help from my dad), and that their elegant beauty never goes out of style. I’ve never seen anything else that was able to be perfectly sexy, classy, and badass all at the same time,” Becky added.

classic mustang

Becky Watson and Her 1965 Mustang

Becky has a lot of great memories with her dad’s Mustangs. It was the car that picked her up from school, cruising in the night with the family, where she learned how to drive but the best memory she has with the Mustang is learning how to work with them. She was always happy talking about Mustangs. “I know all the tricks for telling what year a Mustang is of its body style and emblems, how to tell a 1964 ½ apart from a 1965, what the proper engine colors should be, and even how to jump the solenoid to start the engine. The smell of the exhaust will always be one of my favorite smells and I can tell the sound of a Mustang driving down the street any day. The Ford Mustang will always have my heart.” She added.

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