1978 Corvette Pace Car Replica Found In A Warehouse

1978 Corvette Pace Car Replica

It is not common to find a 1978 Corvette Pace Car Replica that has not been taken cared of throughout its life. This Corvette replica was stored away back in 1991 and has been left there until it was recently found. The rescued Corvette is now in Brooklyn, New York and is being sold on eBay with a buy-it-now price of $6,900 but the dealer is willing to accept other offers.

*Check out this classic “Chevrolet Corvette Parking Only” sign.*

1978 Corvette

A lot of people appreciate the beauty of the C3 Corvettes and it’s always great to find them at such a bargain price, and this Corvette is certainly a deal a great deal. With 42,721 miles on it odometer that maybe its true original miles. Looking at the pictures, you’ll see that are other classic cars around it and you can say that the owner really has a thing for C3s. It makes you wonder why the owner did not prefer to restore this Corvette when they have a lot of spare parts laying around.

1978 Corvette Replica

Although it has been left alone for years, the paint on the Corvette has a relatively good shine. With some thorough cleaning and a few polishing, this Corvette could surely look great once again. According to the seller, a previous owner started to upgrade its engine but was never able to finish it. The front and rear body panels seem to be in good shape and there are no visible crafts in any part of the fiberglass body.

1978 Corvette Pace Car Replica interior

Looking at the pictures of the interior, you can clearly see that it is very dirty but the seats will look better after some cleaning. The carpet may need to be replaced but trying to save it may not be such a bad idea either. What’s really great is that both the steering wheel and dash looks great. There are no visible cracks on the dash. It also has its original manual transmission which adds to its value.

*Check out this classic “Chevrolet Corvette Parking Only” sign.*

1978 Corvette Pace Car Replica engine

What’s strange about this warehouse find Corvette, is that the engine compartment is in better shape than its interior. Although you still need to work on the unfinished engine to get it up and running. Judging from the manual shifter, this Corvette probably has an L48 spec engine instead of the more powerful L82 engine. Either way, this is still a Chevrolet 350 V8 engine which is the easiest to find spare parts around the country to repair or improve it.

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