The Incredible Story Of This 1972 Corvette

1972 Corvette

Steve Grybel from Southgate, Michigan with his beautiful yellow 1972 Corvette is one of the featured Undiscovered Builders of the 2016 Car Craft Summer Nationals.

*Check out this classic “Chevrolet Corvette Parking Only” sign.*

After Steve finished high shool, he went to find for a project car that he could spend his time on and luckily he did not have to look far. His father, Dave, purchased a 1972 Corvettes from a sales demo back in 1973 and has junked in during that time. The Corvette got covered in dirt, dust, and other junks in his father’s garage for years. Steve salvaged the Corvette and stored it for some time before finally in 2008 when he went to get his hand dirty and completely stripped the Corvette bare metal and started to restore it.

Steve Grybel 1972 Corvette

The build took about 4 years to complete and the finished product is what you see now. Steve rebuilt everything that could be saved and replaced everything that was lost. The body and frame were completely stripped down and Steve slowly worked it back together. The suspension system was completely rebuilt and replaced some parts. Steve tried to save as much stock parts as much as possible and smoothed them out before installing it back. Steve fabricated a full air ride system including the hard lines, cups, and hid the tank regulators in the back. The brakes were replaced by aftermarket cross-drilled discs.

1972 Corvette engine

The small block engine was almost completely wrecked, the only thing Steve was able to save was the original block and the rest of the engine components were replaced by aftermarket parts such as the 202 heads, rods, pistons, and titanium valves, all of which were worked by Fred Wailer from Huron Township, Michigan. Unlimited Transmission from Belleville, Michigan created the 700R4 automatic transmission connected to the small block although it can be confusing as the shifter looks like a 4-speed shifter inside the car. The panels and dash were all made in fiberglass by Steve and he then finished it with a custom yellow base with a final gold pearl coat and finally a bright yellow coat was finished by Scott Tangin.

1972 Corvette dashboard

The headlights and wipers were all converted into electric powered to remove the vacuum lines and for better efficiency. The interior panels and C5 Corvette power seats were all covered in black leather done by Chris Pisticalli of Pete’s Upholstery from Taylor, Michigan. The Corvette ride on 17 inch Colorado Custom Wheels on all fours. After the restoration was completed in 2012, Steve and his dad have already added 5000 miles on its odometer.

After his first build was so successful, Steve is preparing to build more cars. Steve currently works at the Roush Industries which is part of the Ford Development section and has planned to apply his knowledge in building his own custom cars and will soon be accepting customers after he finds a proper site that is just outside of Detroit. Steve’s talent is just starting to get discovered and won’t be an Undiscovered Builder soon.

*Check out this classic “Chevrolet Corvette Parking Only” sign.*

yellow 1972 Corvette

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