1921 Stutz Series K Bearcat Found Lurking In The Shadows

1921 Stutz Series K Bearcat

A very rare 1921 Stutz Series K Bearcat has been found hiding in a bar and surprisingly it is an original Bearcat with 10,000 original miles on it. The Bearcat was left in the shadows and under the mercy of rats and other destructive elements but thankfully it has been rescued and got some proper treatment.

Rats and other critters have certainly made their home in this Bearcat and you can clearly see that they have done their damage.

1921 Stutz Series K

This 1921 Stutz Series K Bearcat was original owned by an Army Medical Corps officer who bought it from the Boston Stutz dealership back in 1921. The officer drove it to Silver Springs, Maryland where he was posted. The very map used by the officer in his journey from Boston to Silver Springs was found inside the car and thankfully has not been gnawed by the resident rodents. By 1931, the officer traveled to Georgia and has not been driven a lot by then. After a while, the officer gave the Bearcat to his property’s caretaker.

Cars in the early 1900s were incredibly well built that even after 90 years, this 1921 Stutz Series K Bearcat is still in its original condition.

1921 Stutz

Wayne Carini, the host for the TV show Chasing Classic Cars, was the one who discovered this Bearcat. Wayne received some info that an original Stutz was stored in a barn somewhere in Georgia. He went out and did some detective work to find this rare classic. He was able to make a deal for the car and shipped it to his friend, Evan Ide, to undergo some mechanical repairs that include the replacement of the new cam follower guides, the water pump was completely overhauled, and the full valve reworked. Just enough work to get the Bearcat up and running again.

1921 Stutz engine

The Bearcat was cleaned up just enough to make it drivable again and still preserve the old car look. A new auxiliary gasoline tank was fabricated and installed to give it an additional 3 gallons of fuel. It was featured in a TV documentary called “Hey There, Hot Stutz” that showed it travel to the latest Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance.

The original 360 cubic inch T-head 16 valve dual spark plug in-line four-cylinder engine capable of producing 88 bhp and is connected to a 3-speed manual transmission.

1921 Stutz Bearcat

This original 1921 Stutz Series K Bearcat will be auctioned at the Quail Lodge Auction headed by Bonhams this August 19 201. The auction will be at the Quail Lodge & Golf Club, Quail Lodge’s West Field, 7000 Valley Greens Drive in Carmel, California.

This would be a great addition to a classic collection in its current worn-out condition.

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