Rare Classic Street Rod: 1934 Hudson Terraplane

1934 Hudson Terraplane

This beautiful white 1934 Hudson Terraplane is owned by Tom Tomlinson from Powel Butte, Oregon. You can clearly see the quality of work done to this street rod. The Terraplane is already a rare classic beauty but this one just raised the bar. And it’s great to know that this street rod gets the love it deserves from Tom as he regular drives it together with his wife, Mary Ann.

Tom said that he really did not know much about the Terraplanes except for the one that his father used to own but that did not really stop him from appreciating its beauty. He found a 1934 coupe just near his hometown. When he found it, Tom said that “The car had been near a fire, close enough to break glass, warp the hood, and melt the lead from the roof seams.” Even after all of its flaws, Tom still liked what he saw and always wanted a classic that is not a Ford or a Chevy. He started to rebuild the coupe and took more than 17 years to turn it into the classic beauty that you can see now.

1934 Hudson Terraplane engine

Tom originally intended to fully restore the coupe but it seems impossible as the correct parts were very hard to find. So he decided to turn it into a street rod instead. The search for the parts needed for street rodding it proved to be difficult as well and forced him to go international, his search reached as far as Australia. Tom did not have a bottomless wallet so it took him a long time to save up for all the parts. Time was also scarce as he was also managing an RV park which is why it took him 17 years to finally finish the Terraplane.

white 1934 Hudson Terraplane

He also wanted to preserve the original lines and unique features of the coupe that set it apart from other classics. The Terraplane was able to retain its original hood ornament, grille, and instrument cluster. Some modern features were added to the interior to give the coupe a more contemporary style. For the power needed to truly make it into a street rod is produced by a 454 Chevrolet big-block engine that is matched to a TH400 transmission that feeds the power to a Ford 9-inch rear. To provide a smooth and low ride, Mustang II suspension parts were used. Lanny Erickson from Custom Interior by Lanny made the elegant interior design and Alan Martino from Deschutes County Customs applied the beautiful white finish.

1934 Hudson Terraplane dashboard

Tom’s 1934 Hudson Terraplane has joined several car shows in their area and has won several awards.

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