Special Edition 1970 Mercury ‘Houndstooth’ Cougar

1970 Mercury Houndstooth Cougar

David Branham from Clear Lake, Texas, is the 2nd owner of this 1970 Mercury ‘Hound’s-tooth’ Cougar. In 1976, David bought it from the original owner = who was a retired Air Force colonel who was assigned to Tinker Air Force Based located in Midwest City, Oklahoma. The original owner said that he never drove it during rainy days as he had been hit by lighting during a military training. “Every time if I’m out and I see storm clouds brewing, I rush home and the car goes back in the garage,” the original owner said to David.

The Mercury Cougar is considered the twin brother of Mustang but lacked in power and focused more on being a luxurious ride. Some performance options, such as this Houndstooth, were available that made it into the luxury muscle car.

1970 Mercury Houndstooth Cougar interior

This classic ride is a special edition model known as the “Houndstooth Edition” that was created by the famous designer, Pauline Trigère. The original “Houndstooth” featured a hound’s tooth vinyl top that matched the car’s interior.

Original Hound’s Tooth Top

Original Hound’s Tooth Top

Around 7,500 Cougars were made into the special edition Houndstooth package which makes them a relatively rare breed for the model.

When David was 15 years old, he did not like the top so he decided to get rid of it. He also did not fancy the original exterior finish which was light gold so he changed it as well.

David painted it with a metallic finish and bought a set of custom tires and wheels. After some minor touches, David was happy with his restyled Cougar and has not really changed after that. Aside from the Autumn Copper finish, Edelbrock manifold, and a four-barrel Holley carburetor, the Cougar is still in its stock and original condition.

1970 Mercury Houndstooth Cougar engine

David also replaced the starter himself at a parking lot of a baseball field during his high school days.

The 351 Cleveland M-code powering this classic ride is still original and has run over 88,000 miles. In 1981, this Cougar has been stored in David’s garage since he bought his 2nd car.

1970 Mercury ‘Houndstooth’ Cougar exterior

This 1970 Mercury ‘Hound’s-tooth’ Cougar was a really great first car for David and is very thankful for his father in helping him maintain this gorgeous classic ride. David promises to keep this Cougar within his family and will never sell it to anyone. Classics like David’s Cougar are what makes them really valuable and what gets most of us into the classic car hobby, the sense nostalgia that comes with these lovely cars.

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