Rare Engine under This 1960 Rambler American Wagon’s Hood

1960 rambler

This 1960 Rambler American Wagon may look like your standard newly refurbished classic with its recreated interior, intact frame, and a glossy finish, but this classy ride hides a little bit of attitude.

This Rambler is currently for sale from a dealer in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The dealer says it still has its original flathead inline-6 engine. The inline-6 was designed by Nash and is usually under-appreciated by most and replaced by the more powerful V8 engines for hot rodding. The dealer describes says that it’s “engine runs smoothly and has had some polishing and detail work done.”

But when you look closer to the photo of this Rambler’s engine, then you’ll see that it hides something more. The original flat cylinder head and single carburetor were replaced by something that is rarely seen in most straight-6 upgrades. An aluminum Edmunds aftermarket finned head now sits on the engine that made it possible to have twin carburetors.

1960 Rambler very rare engine1960 Rambler rare engine

These Edmunds headers were custom fabricated to fit the Nash L-head straight-6 that had the single carburetor intake fabricated right on top of the head which made it hard to modify the carburetors. The reason why these heads are very hard to find is that not a lot were fabricated back in the day because hot rodders simply used the easier way and just put at bigger V8 engine in it, and not a lot of people tried to modify these Ramblers as they were considered as a car for old people.

The modifications were really well done and the detailing made everything, including under the hood, of this Ramble, look great and will surely be a head turner while cruising down the road. Originally the straight-6 was able to produce up to 90 horsepower but with the modifications it had, it should be able to produce a lot more than that. All of that power is connected to a stock 3-speed manual transmission.

Aside from the upgraded engine, this Rambler looks to be in a really great condition with no visible defects. It seems to have period correct wheels that contrast really well with the glossy black paint. Seeing it may give the impression that its original engine has been replaced with the big-block V8 but it actually has a very period-correct engine upgrades.

1960 Rambler enginecool 1960 Rambler

According to the dealer, this Rambler has run over 55,000 miles as shown in its odometer. This rust free 1960 Rambler American Wagon is being sold for $21,000 which is just about right for a great looking classic that features rear period-correct engine modifications. Finding another Rambler such as this one is probably going to be really hard if ever there is still one.

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