Take a Special Tour at the Basement of the Lane Motor Museum

Lane Motor Museum

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum and the Petersen Museum are known for having a large collection of rare classics hidden under their basements while these cars wait for their chance to be showcased at the exhibits above, most of the times these cars wait for months or even several years before they get their turn.

These cars stay hidden from the public’s eye unless for a few that pays an extra for the special tour of Petersen’s basement or someone that has a connection with the people that work at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway museum that allows them to have a special peek at these hidden treasures.

This 1959 Weidner Condor is the pre-Amphicar design of Hans Trippel

1959 Weidner Condor

Similar to those museums is the basement of Lane Motor Museum located in Nashville, Tennessee. Although the Lane Motor museum is not as famous, it still holds an amazing collection of rare classics. If you are lucky to visit them while they are offering the basement tours, then it’s best to grab the chance. The special basement tours do not have a regular schedule and most of the time they are open during weekends if the museum has enough staff available during that day to accommodate everyone.

1981 Citroen 2CV Vacco is an endurance car and for recreation.

1981 Citroen 2CV Vacco

Around 160 classic vehicles are displayed on the main floor and garage of the museum, and around 200 are under the basement. The main building was previously owned by Sunbeam, an American Bread Company. The rest of the collection is housed in a separate facility. The vehicles are maintained in a shop in the basement, the maintenance crew constantly checks and maintains the cars and drives the majority of the cars that are still running. The main floor is 40,000 square feet and contains a shop that is capable of fully restoring new additions.

The Lane Motor Museum was founded by Jeff Lane back in 2002. Jeff was a big fan of cars at a very young age. He donated his personal collection of classic cars to help start the museum. Most of Jeff’s collection is composed of European cars with several Asian and American cars mixed in them. Almost 500 unique and rare cars make up the whole collection of the Lane Motor Museum. Most of the cars in his collection are not production cars, making them very rare and are hardly known to the public such as the cars that have are inspired by airplane designs.

Lane Motor Museum is among the rare museums in the country that focus on European cars. Jeff Lane is still searching for more cars that he can add to the collection. He is not in it for profit but he just wants these cars to be preserved so that future generations can still enjoy them.

1967 NSU Prinz 1000

1967 NSU Prinz 1000

The 1951 Hotchkiss-Gregoire was produced in France but originated in America.

1951 Hotchkiss-Gregoire

1947 Gregory Sedan prototype

1947 Gregory Sedan prototype

1949 Skoda 1101 Tudor convertible

1949 Skoda 1101 Tudor convertible

This 1958 Coronet may look like a full-size coupe but is actually a 3-wheeler car.

1958 Coronet

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