The All American 1969 AMC SC/Rambler

1969 AMC SC Rambler

To celebrate the 4th of July, this 1969 AMC SC/Rambler in red, white, and blue is probably one of the most American cars we’ve seen.

1969  Rambler

This 1969 AMC SC/Rambler-Hurst is number 3 of the first 10 built that were used for testing and to promote the model in car shows. After it served its purpose, Jeffries AMC sold it to its original owner who was a local of Rockford, Illinois on July 17, 1970. 1 year later, the original sold it to the 2nd owner and was then sold to the 3rd owner in 1975. The 3rd owner kept the SC/Rambler for more than 18 years before leaving Illinois and went to its 4th owner in Minnesota. The 4th owner restored the SC/Rambler and in 2005, the car was sold to the 5th owner who was an AMC fan from Arizona. In 2007, it was shipped to Fox Motorsports. Fox Motorsports was able to contact 3 of the previous owners and was able to acquire the restoration details done by the 4th owner, the detailed history of the car, and confirmed the readings of the odometer to be accurate.

1969 AMC number 3 SC Rambler

This #3 SC/Rambler with a build sequence number E059107 was built from February 2 to February 7, 1969 and was built at the east assembly line of AMC’s Kenosha, Wisconsin plant. The SC/Rambler was first introduced in March 1969 during the Chicago Auto Show. Early 1969, the first 10 cars built were all shipped to H. L. Shahan at Los Angeles, California. Shahan was a famous engine tuner and builder for AMC, he was responsible for preparing the SC/Rambler as press cars. The 10 SC/Ramblers were also used as test cars and road tests for top automotive magazines. Car and Driver magazine published their report in their May issue of the same year, Road and Track magazine published their report in their June issue.

1969 AMC SC Rambler exterior

For almost 10 years. Fox Motorsports maintained this car really well as it is still in an exceptional condition, without any issues while starting and driving. The exterior looks great in its factory “A” paint scheme. The engine has matching AMC part number for the “Group 19” aluminum Edelbrock R-4B intake manifold which proves its authenticity. The original ignition has been replaced with modern electric ignition and exhaust manifolds have been installed into the engine. Most of the interior remains original including the seats, door panels, striped headrests, gauges, dashboard, Sun tachometer, glass, headliner, and seat belts. The carpet has been replaced and two additional gauges had been added bellow the dash, they are for the oil and water temperature.

69 AMC SC Rambler

Aside from the yearly fluid change, Fox Motorsports has also done several maintenance repairs. The heater core was replaced with a NOS 1969 core, the Holley carburetor was rebuilt, and the fuel lines and fuel pump are all new. This 1969 SC/Rambler #3 comes with its original owner ID card, period correct warranty manual, original owner’s manual, period correct plastic AMC Motors document sleeve, and complete service history.

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