Canada’s Ford Classic: 1954 Meteor Rideau Skyliner

1954 Meteor Rideau Skyliner

Most American motor heads will look at this Meteor thinking it is a Ford, and it actually is. Meteors are simply Ford’s that were distributed outside of America.

The Meteors are the Fords of Canada produced from 1949 to 1976, these cars were basically ford designs that have different finish, trims, and badges which set them apart from their U.S. counterparts.

classic 1954 Meteor Rideau Skyliner

This classic 1954 Meteor Rideau Skyliner was a behind the Fords and Mercury distributed in the U.S. as they were equipped with the more powerful overhead valve Y-block V-8 engine for their 1954 models, while this Canadian car remained with the 255 cubic inch flathead V8 engine supplied by mercury. The Meteor Rideau Skyliner then changed its engine the following year.

Aside from that, the Skyliner is still the high end car of the Meteor Rideau series. Equipped with Skyliner glass panel roof and a dashboard that was based on the Mercury models.

Meteor Rideau model

The Meteor Rideau model was first introduced in 1954, they were originally known as the Crestline series which was similar to its Ford counterpart. The mid-range Meteor during 1954 was known as the Meteor Niagara and the standard car was simply known as Meteor.

This Meteor Rideau Skyliner is currently located across the border in Canada and it is currently up for sale. The owner describes this car as follows:

“1954 Meteor featuring a 125 HP, V8 engine, 255 cu inch flat head, Interceptor dash, power steering, Merco-O-Matic transmission. Complete body off restoration to original in 2014, driven less than 300 miles since restoration, total mileage is 86,000. This is a Rare Canadian built 1954 Meteor Rideau, only a total of 385 of this model manufactured.”

Meteor Rideau engine

Seeing Meteor cars in the Northern parts of the country is not really unusual. It is really easy to cross the border. Most people still consider the Meteors as Ford cars and the Meteor Rideau Skyliner is one of the rarest of the series, and finding one in great condition such as this one is certainly a rare opportunity that is hard to pass. This is even rarer than the Ford Skyliner and the Mercury Sun Valley, and the paint scheme this one has is not found in any of its American counterparts. For such a rare car, this is a perfect addition to anyone who loves collecting Ford cars or for someone who loves to drive around town with a classic cruiser and turning every heads on the street.

1954 meteor rideau skyliner dashboard

This classic ride is being listed at Hemmings with a price of only $38,900 and is currently at Havelock, Ontario.

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