Billie Joe Armstrong’s 1949 Ford Club Coupe

1949 Ford Club Coupe

All of us have different personal preference that triggers a nostalgic mood such as classic books, old portraits, or classic cars. Some of the classic car enthusiast don’t really look for the car’s power or performance, its classy style, or its uniqueness but they focus more on the nostalgic feeling these classic car give, a feeling that brings them back to their carefree childhood. Some just look for a classic car that their family used to have and made great memories with that specific car.

This 1949 Ford Club Coupe is one of those classic family cars that many have spent their childhood with. This featured Club Coupe used to be owned by Billie Joe Armstrong and is currently being sold by a dealer from St. Louis, Missouri. Billie Joe Armstrong is the lead singer of the punk rock American band Green Day.

Green day 1949 Ford Club Coupe

Older generation of punk rockers may remember them from their popular years during the mid-1990s but the younger generations knows Green Day during the mid-2000s and their most popular song, the American Idiot.

The 1949 Ford Club Coupe is one of the “shoebox Ford” build before World War II. The name comes from its box or pontoon like design. The “shoebox Ford” cars were redesign after the war and these models are considered as the cars that pushed Ford higher than Chrysler and General Motors.

The dealer says that this car has a custom dark-blue metallic paint but “the paint is not perfect.” The dealer also says that this car has very little defects such as the gas cap door was taken out and covered up, the windshield wipers are no longer functioning, the front bumper is showing some signs of rust, and the batteries also needs to be replaced.

Billie Joe Armstrong’s 1949 Ford Club Coupe

All of the glass are still crystal clear and you can clearly see everything inside the car. It has a 289 cid Ford V8 engine with dual exhaust under the hood and is connected to a 3-speed automatic transmission.

The dealer says that the interesting part about this car is the leopard print carpet and all of the doors has a 6×9 stereo speaker embedded in them, the speakers are plug to a JVC AM/FM stereo with CD player and a removable faceplate.

A tachometer has been installed on the clock mount and all of the original gauges under the dash have been replaced by new ones. The dealer says that it still has its original steering wheel but it is showing signs of deterioration.

dashboard 1949 Ford Club Coupe

It has a mileage of 77,238 miles on the odometer. The car will be sold as it is and a mileage-exempt California title under Billie Joe Armstrong’s name comes with it as well as a letter of authenticity. If you buy this car, Billie Joe will give you a special gift, an autographed guitar. (which you can then sell if you’re not a fan!!)

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