Stunning 1973 Pontiac GTO

1973 Pontiac GTO

This is one fine example of a 1973 Pontiac GTO that will surely stand out among the other great muscle cars such as the Mustang and Camaro. This car from Rogers, Minnesota is being offered for $24,900 or to the highest offer. The owner proudly says – “I gain more attention and discussions at the local car shows than I ever did with my 66 GTO!”

According to the seller, this GTO was originally bought from the Charlier Sturgill Motor Co. located in Lexington, Kentucky. It came with Rally II wheels, G60x15 tires, AM radio, bumper strips, and the GTO and Sports package.

1973 Pontiac

“The car originally shipped with a HD Muncie 3 speed manual on the floor (which I still have), manual steering, and manual disc brakes,” the seller states in his ad. “This car is 1 of 926 GTO’s that were shipped with the sport option and manual transmission. From the research I have done, the car spent many years ‘in a shed’ as it had not been licensed for over 10 years, according to the DMV when I transferred the title to my name. I saw a lot of potential for a nice street/strip setup. However, after getting the car home, one bolt leads to another and I ended up pulling the front clip and frame. I was impressed on how solid the under carriage was, and went ahead and sandblasted the frame, inner fender wells, suspension, etc., and coated in epoxy primer. In disassembling the entire car, the only bolts that were rusted were the bolts holding the original rear sway bar to the lower control arms!”

1973 Pontiac GTO exhaust pipe

The front suspension for this GTO are all intact and according to the seller, this car has around 78k original miles on its odometer. When it was rebuilt, the all of the parts for the rear suspension was replaced by Moog and Energy Suspension parts.

1973 Pontiac GTO  engine

A 461 Butler stroker kit was installed in the 400 cubic inch engine to squeeze more power out of the old engine. The roller cam, ceramic coated headers, rockers, custom 3” stainless exhaust, and more have also been added to the powertrain. The cylinder heads have also been replaced by period correct 4X flowing 240cfm with new parts including the stainless valves and Viton seals. The engine has a 9.3:1 compression and is being fed by a mid-octane pump gas. The new fuel system has a fresh ‘Tanks’ fuel tank and a Walbaro pump inside.

1973 Pontiac GTO exterior

The seller also states in his ad: “Since I like to hit the drag strip on occasion, I purchased a Stage II Turbo 400 automatic from renowned Jakes Transmissions with the $800 low gear set option. A B&M shifter was installed, which works well in full auto, or ratchet shift mode. The transmission has a Continental 10” Converter, which is very popular among Pontiac enthusiasts. Completing the drive train is a custom 3.5” driveshaft, billet yoke, and original 8.5” ‘corporate’ rear differential with an upgrade to an Eaton Posi with HD billet cap, Moser axles, 3.42 AAM gears and UMI Adjustable upper arms.”

white 1973 Pontiac GTO

For people who prefer their classic to be as original as possible, the seller also stated that they only replaced certain parts and did not refabricated the original parts in any way. You can still put most of its original parts that also comes with this GTO including original 3-speed transmission, Muncie, flywheel, bell-housing, pedals, clutch, etc.

The seller also rebuilt several of its parts including the seat belts, lights, gauges, and hood hinges to its factory specifications.

1973 Pontiac GTO dashboard

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