1951 Ford Custom The Affordable Family Car

1951 Ford Custom

If you looking for a “shoebox” car, this is probably your chance. This 1951 Ford Custom has been repaired and ready to cruise the streets. It is currently at Snohomish, Washington and is being sold at eBay for the price of $6,950 or to the highest offer.

1951 Ford

Although the exterior may look like it is in perfect condition, upon closer inspection reveals some minor damages here and there such as the body dents under the taillights of the driver’s side which is not really seen in the picture above. The red wheels and Coker tires really looks great though.

1951 Ford car damage

The sellers seem to be very honest and is not shy in showing close ups of the important parts. The chrome of the back and front bumpers seem to be ok and seems like they have been rechromed a while ago, but the trims are not so fortunate. The seller does not claim that the paint is original and it seems the repaint was done a while ago which gives it a certain degree of “old car look” that makes it a vintage family car. You just have to be sure that blue dots are allowed in your state otherwise you’ll have to replace them. Fortunately, there are a lot of lenses and complete units available.

1951 Ford exterior

In this photo you can clearly see the differences between the chromes that are still in good condition and the ones that need to be rechromed.

1951 Ford Custom dashboard

The seat covers seem to be period correct but the seller says that you may want to check under the covers but if you’re happy with it as it is, then all is well. The interior has different color and may suggest that a lot of things have been replaced but it’s hard to say without credible reference to check them out. It you want too, you can just replace them to have a matching color, period correct interior.

1951 Ford engine

The custom has a 226 cubic inch inline six that can produce up to 95 horsepower, the V8 of its time can only reach up to 100 horsepower and the seller assures that the engine is still up and running.

1951 Ford Custom transmission

The seller says he had the transmission and overdrive rebuilt and paid $3,500 for the repairs.

1951 Ford barn find

Other repairs has also been done in this Custom such as the back end received new axle seals. It also got a new fuel tank, clutch, and brake system. It is ready for a new owner to take it for a cruise with the family and go out on the beach.

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