2,500 Horsepower Hemi Under Glass Flips Over With Jay Leno Inside!

2,500 Horsepower Hemi Under Glass

“2,500 hp on two wheels, what could go wrong?” were the words Jay Leno said before he got into the legendary “Hemi Under Glass” with stuntman Bob Riggle as the driver. Ironically, after they sped off across the track they ended up in a barrel roll. Fortunately, nobody got hurt except for the body of the Hemi Under Glass.

This video shows the crash from both the outside and the inside of the car where you can see Leno and Riggle holding on for dear life!

Like a lot of motorheads, riding the famous Hemi Under Glass and experiencing its awesome power first hand is one of Jay Leno’s bucket list. And as part of the latest episode of his show, Jay Leno’s Garage, he got to check off that wish but everything did not really go all too well from the moment he stepped foot in the car.

Hemi Under Glass

Less than 50 years ago, Bob Riggle was one of the people that helped realized the Hemi Under Glass. Hurst developed the Hemi Under Glass to be an exhibition dragster which was based from the Plymouth Barracuda but moved the engine to the back of car just under the glass fastback which where it got the name Under Glass. The fuel injected Chrysler Hemi V8 engine could produce up to a crazy 2,500 horsepower. Removing the engine from the front to the back means that it is now back heavy and with that much power, the car will fly off on two wheels as it speeds through the track creating a spectacular show of power. To keep it from flipping over during its two wheel stunts, it has a set of stabilizer wheels at the back fender. With Bob Riggle behind the wheel, the Hemi Under Glass become a popular dragster that toured on several race tracks across the country.

incredible Hemi Under Glass

And just recently, Bob Riggle who is now 80 years old is still happy to perform the infamous two-wheel start off stunt for Jay Leno and his crew at the Irwindale Speedway that will be part of the season 2 of Jay Leno’s Garage. Jay Leno and Bob Riggle got inside the 1969 Barracuda Hemi Under Glass for an exhibition run.

jay leno Hemi Under Glass

The run started smoothly like most of Bob’s previous exhibition, starting off with wheels stretching the track and the front goes up in the air. After the front of the car touched the track, Bob started to slow down but the rear started to wobble due to uneven surface. The car was still not slowing fast enough and looked like it was going to crash on the outside wall, Bob tried turning left following the curve of the track. Unfortunately, immediately after the wheels were turned the Barracuda started to roll over and turning over a few turns before completely stopping on its wheels. Emergency team quickly responded and checked the condition of both Jay Leno and Bob Riggle who walked away from the crash laughing. The engine seems to have not sustained serious damage and was still running after the incident. The major damage was only to the body of the Barracuda that sustained scratches and dents all over the place.

2,500 Horsepower Hemi Under Glass flips

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