The Very Rare 1984 Ferrari 512 BBI

1984 FERRARI 512 BBI

The Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxer (BB) was built from ’77 to ’85 and was never sold to the United States by official dealerships which makes them a very rare sight in the country.

The 512 BB was equipped with a flat 12-cylinder engine with horizontally opposed piston typically known as “boxer-style”. The 12-cylinder engine was attached to a 5-speed manual transmission and dual-disc clutch. The 512 BBi model was known as the first mid-engine supercar made by Ferrari.


The difficulty in rebuilding the engine to conform to the strict U.S. safety and environmental regulations was the reason the 512 BB was never exported to the U.S. and Enzo Ferrari believed it was not be worth to cost and effort to do so. Only after 1981 were they allowed in the country after the 512 engine’s carburetors was replaced with electronic fuel injection and Digiplex ignition control. This change was one of the difference between the 512 BBs and the 512 BBIs.

Although U.S. still banned exporting the 512 BBIs, having the EFI made it a lot easier for private dealer and shops to rebuild them to conform to the emission regulations and slowly the Ferrari 512 BBIs started appearing in the streets of America.

The Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxer’s coachwork was done by Scaglietti and is known to be the last of the true handmade Ferrari with only 1,007 512 BBi examples were made during its production run. Making it a very great addition to Ferrari collectors in the United States.

This 1984 Ferrari 512 BBI with a lot # 684 will be auction in the first ever Northeast auction that will be hosted by Barrett-Jackson. In October 1983, this 512 BBI was shipped to Walnut Creek Ferrari and has been officially made into an American street legal car with the California Bureau of Automotive Repair, BAR, sticker still intact. This means this car is ready to hit the streets anytime.

1984 FERRARI 512

This 1984 Ferrari 512 BBi has a mileage lower than 11,000 miles, finished in Rossa Corsa with Boxer trim covering the tan leather. It comes with a complete factory-released tool kit, and owner and service manuals.

Watch out for this 1984 Ferrari 512 BBi in the upcoming Barrett-Jackson Northeast auction this June 23 to 25. The auction will feature several rare classic collectibles such as this one, it’s no wonder many collectors are very excited in this debut auction.


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