Abandoned 1962 Chevrolet Impala Turns Out To Be A Hidden Treasure


This Impala may not look like your dream ride but trust us when we say that with just a few repairs and some refurbishing, this car will look like your dream car. Abandoned and covered in dust, this car is surprisingly in great shape. Against the harmful elements, this is almost a rust free 1962 Chevy Impala that is just waiting to be rescued. It has a little bit of rust spots here and there but all in all it’s in a great condition. But to be sure, you may want to check every hidden metal works and vulnerable areas. The best part is that the seller did not really use it much, and was only able to add 250 miles and is not selling it in eBay. The car is currently at Allen, Texas that the bid is at $10,200 as of writing.

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Although no definite proof, this Impala looks to have been restored some point in time and seems to have been done really well, so the next owner will not worry about fixing it before they can enjoy driving it. All it needs now is some POR cans to remove the rust, new tires for a smooth ride, and replenish the air conditioning system.

1962 CHEVROLET IMPALA interior

Hard to believe that this Impala has a working A/C right? But it has, and the seller says that it only needs fresh refrigerant for a really comfortable ride. Refilling the A/C on this Impala may not be as easy as it sound, it is also best to check the A/C system to see if refilling it is really worth it. If there are no leaks and the compressor is working fine, then a couple cans of R12 should get it back up and breathing out cold refreshing air but because it’s an old A/C system, it will probably need a little bit more than just fresh R12 to make it an efficient A/C.

1962 CHEVROLET IMPALA exterior

Although there are better barn finds you can find as Impalas are not that rare, but if you are looking for an easy restoration project then this one is probably a good investment. Restoration projects are great and very rewarding but most of the time they need a lot of time, work, and money to finish. It’s easier to find something that does not really need a lot of work and only has a few damage such as this one. It may be a bit more expensive but sometimes buying cheap ones actually cost you a lot more after a complete restoration.

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