Fangio’s 1948 Maserati Race Car Has A Crazy Price Tag


In 2012, the race-winning Mercedes-Benz W196s driven by Juan Manuel Fangio was auctioned for an amazing $28 million during a Bonham’s auction. Although not as famous the W196s, this 1948 Maserati 4CLT is believed to have been driven by Fangio in several races during 1950. It is priced for 1 million dollars, a lot cheaper compared to the W196s but is still quite a lot of money. Is it worth it?


The Maserati is currently in Germany but it is being sold by UK dealer Vintage & Prestige Fine Motor Cars. The original engine was been removed but still comes when purchased, the previous owner is using a replica engine to use for racing. In fact, the previous has built several replica motors and gearbox that you can purchase for an additional $150,000. This is great for someone who is planning to use this car in vintage racing events.


The replica engine is a twin-cam, twin-supercharged inline-four 1.5 L engine that can produce a crazy 260 horsepower, for its size that is something. The 4CLT was designed from the pre-war 4CL and got a new tubular chassis, hence the name 4CLT, to support the more powerful inline four.


Ranier Ott drove and maintained this 4CLT. Ott was the one built the replica engines and say he will be able to build new components for the drivetrain if ever they need replacements. If the engine blows up during a race, you don’t need to worry too much. Although your feet needs to fit through the steering column and gearbox, that’s how old school racing is.


It’s just fascinating to think that Fangio himself used to drive this car, drifting across the track without any sort of safety features except for his leather helmet and goggles.

The ad describes the car as follows: “The car in recent years has been owned & raced by Maserati Guru Rainer Ott, well known on the historic race circuits of Europe. Not content with running and maintaining the car, Ott, to the disbelief of naysayers built a series of replacement engines for himself and other owners of these cars, allowing them to be raced hard with none of the attendant worries associated with the original engines. He still has parts and patterns to make all the major components assuring continuity for the future.”

$1,000,000 is certainly a lot of money for a car but this isn’t your ordinary car. With its historic background, and is in its original condition without really worrying too much when you race it in the track. 1 million dollars will be worth for this historic piece of machinery. We hope that this car still has a lot of racing days ahead with its soon to be new owner.

1948 MASERATI fangio

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