Beautiful Original 1980 Plymouth Arrow Sport

Publish date: 2016-06-14 22:13:47

The 1980 Plymouth Arrow Sports is probably one of the greatest trucks that came from the D50/Mighty Max/Arrow series and this featured truck has not been customized in any way. It is an all original example. It has one of the most stunning original decal setup you can see in a truck combined with other awesome features completes the very dashing look of the Arrow Sports. This Arrow Sports is a very well preserved truck and has a mileage bellow 60,000 miles.


The Plymouth Arrow, Dodge D-50 and the Mitsubishi Mighty Max are all from the same line. Mitsubishi made all of these trucks, Plymouth and Dodge then imported the Arrow and D-50, respectively. These trucks were released to compete with the growing demand of small trucks. In 1971, Ford has already released the Courier that was built by Mazda. A year after, Chevrolet released their LUV (Light Utility Vehicle) that was based on Isuzu designs. Ford and Chevrolet was quick to act on the unexpected success of the pickup trucks from Datsun and Toyota in the 1960s. Although Dodge and Plymouth was almost a decade late in joining the market, they entered with a bang.


In 1979, Plymouth released the Arrow and Dodge released the D50 which later became the Ram 50. Some of you who enjoyed the late 1970s Plymouth cars may have heard about the Plymouth Arrow car line. Both truck and car Arrows are originally rear wheel drive made by Mitsubishi that was imported and rebranded for the American market, they even have identical Arrow fender badges. The reasons for naming both as Arrows are unknown.


What set apart the Arrow as well as the D50 from the other brands is that they came in various options that allowed the customers to have their trucks to drive like a car that the other trucks that were offered in their time. Modern trucks have followed this trend as it is still a popular choice. Most of the time, the “Sport” models are the best of both worlds and this particular Arrow is one of them.


The standard Arrow and the Arrow Sport were hugely different. The standard arrow only had a 2.0L engine and a 4-speed transmission, the Arrow Sport had the larger 2.6L and a 5-speed transmission. Additional features for the Arrow Sport include a tachometer, steering wheel upgrade, and the gauges where on the floor console, a stylish two-color bucket seats, carpet, speakers mounted on the door panels, and a stunning striping design you could see on a truck. If that wasn’t cool enough, this Arrow sport also has the striping-colored spoke wheels and the very rare addition of the sporty plastic door mirrors.


It even still has its original push bumper, unscratched body decals, and sunroof.

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