1964 Plymouth Fury Needs A New Home


This 1964 Plymouth Fury hardtop is looking for a new home with someone that is really passionate for vintage Mopars to give it the love it deserves. It is currently being sold for the price of $3,500.

Currently the car is in Honolulu, Hawaii but the ads posted on ClassicCars.com notes that shipping this Fury to Long beach, Oakland, or Seattle/Tacoma can be discussed and will just be $1,100.

1964 Plymouth Fury hardtop

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this car and it has been remarkably dependable and does best when it’s driven,” says the seller in the ad. “I am now ready to turn it over to another Mopar person who can take the car to the next level of preservation.”

The beauty of this four-door Fury is well preserved and the hardtop makes it look like a sports car as what the seller describes. The 1964 Plymouth Fury was the last model year for the mid-size four door hardtop Fury which is also the last mid-size four door hardtop that Chrysler built.

This Fury comes with the Airtemp air conditioner, power steering, power brakes, and the 318 cubic inched V8 engine which all are the original factory installed parts and are still in great working condition. The body is also well preserved with no visible rust. The Oil has been changed as well as the coolant.

The ad assures that the Fury is still in great condition, the engine works fine and starts immediately. “I have done a few cosmetic additions to car such as the 1968 side markers, 1969 fender turn signals, and V8 emblems (this is not a Commando version but I liked the sound of it). I also wired the parking lights to remain on with the headlights”, the seller says.

1964 Plymouth Fury

Although not visible, there are some hidden rust. There are some hidden in the rear fender wheels. The seller has already fixed the rust in the trunk and is not going to comeback anytime soon. The floor pan and trunk pan are both still intact.

1964 Plymouth Fury hardtop engine

The Fury has no problem starting up even if you leave if for several weeks. The idling is smooth and has no problem with step on the gas. It can easily drive at 60 mph with no effort and no signs of the engine struggling even for long rides, the seller boast that it is a smooth ride. The handling is great and you won’t feel the steering fighting against you, the brakes are still sensitive as expected for any 60s car.

There is some leak on the transmission and regular addition of fluid is needed to keep it in perfect working condition. Aside from the leak, there are no problems for the transmission.

Except for the damaged driver’s seat, the interior is great. The original radio still works but has been disconnected because the antennae was removed to fit the car cover. The headliner has no damage and the original two-tone rear seat looks as good as new.

The work done on the Fury is also documented such as the rebuilt brakes and lines, a new master cylinder has also been installed.

The Matson Navigation is offered by the sellers for easy shipping and he will hold the car for the buyer as long as necessary only if the deposit has been paid.

The ad also details rebuilt brakes and lines, new master cylinder, including that while the a/c blows cold, it does need an annual refrigerant boost.

1964 Plymouth Fury interior

Additional info are placed on the ad as follows:

“The right-side rear door does not open. The hammer mechanism malfunctions and I have not had time to take it apart. The driver’s door does lock or unlock with the key. Probably best to change the locks. The trunk lock and glove box work fine.

“There is damage to the left taillight housing. The lens is not cracked, just the chrome housing and there is damage to the quarter panel. It is not noticeable as such I have not been inclined to repair it.”

1964 Plymouth Fury exterior

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