Since the beginning, car designers have stretched their talent to provide us with the greatest cars the world has ever seen. All around the world, designers waved their pens across blank papers to create new styles and looks as well as innovative designs that changed the industry. Every small detail was given the greatest attention that would complete a whole masterpiece.

All that effort is rewarded by customers that wait in line to have the latest models that come out of the production line. Some of those are eager to modify the brand new cars to have a one of a kind car, although not all of those who tried are successful with their projects. Customizing cars requires talents and only those with talent rise to the top. Some of those names are Westergard, Barris, Starbird, Winfield, and Hines that stood out in making their own style of modifying cars from the simple to the grand designs.

1956 Mercury Monterey

John St. Germain is someone who is also trying to make a mark in the long list of famous builders. John has worked with a lot of cars before including a mid-50s Mercury, a 1936 roadster, a 1935 coupe and his first car which is a 1927 Ford Model T coupe.

A while back, John wanted to work with a mid-50s Mercury as it was something he had a lot of experience with. He search for more than two years but ironically, the one he found was not more than 5 minutes away from his home. A 1956 Mercury Monterey that was just hidden inside a bard, John did not waste any time and after some checking he immediately bought it. He brought it home and started planning on how he is going to build his dream custom Mercury.

1956 Mercury Monterey ENGINE

The Merc was taken apart and sent the original frame and chassis for a blast clean. The frame was then sent to John Edwards from Dream Machines in Scarboro for several modifications such as custom crossmembers, a curved rear, and a boxing to improve the suspension. In the back, a Ford 9 inch was attached to 3.73:1 gears and supported by custom triangulated four-link complemented by RideTech ‘bags, QA1 adjustable shocks, antiroll bar, and Panhard bar which all are from Welder Series.

1956 Mercury Monterey INTERIOR

For the front, Edwards made custom upper A-arms and spring pockets to fit the 2 inch dropped spindles from Fatman Fabrications, RideTech ‘bags, and QA1 adjustable shocks. Power master similar to a Corvette regulates the speed, and pumps fluid into the stainless lines connected to the rear drums and 10-inch disc that has two-piston callipers. The Merc rides on original 15 inch steels covered with Diamond Back wide white tires that has the classic 1956 Dodge Lancer discs.

CUSTOM 1956 Mercury Monterey

The original 312 ci engine was beaten up so John wanted to revive it and give power to this beast. John talk to Len Hurley who was a legend in building classic engines. The old engine was rebuilt into a 330 ci and given new parts that include a new stock crank connected to H-beam rods and forged aluminum pistons made by John Mummert. A five speed transmission was taken from 1993 Ford Mustang and was reworked by Summit Transmission to fit the custom driveshaft to direct that power where it is needed. Like the powertrains and drivetrains, the parts for the interior were also taken from classic donors.

classic 1956 Mercury Monterey

The dash came from a 1956 Oldsmobile and fitted with restored stock gauges. The steering wheel came from a 1956 Lincoln and the gear shift is a custom. The front bucket seats came from a 1964 Oldsmobile Starfire convertible while the rear seats came from a 1964 Buick Rivera. The whole interior was fitted with Elmo leather that came from Sweden. The leather comes in champagne gold complemented with copper satin, and Mercedes rust-tone wool carpet completes the interior. The interior is also filed with several accessories such as a 1956 Lincoln rear-view mirror, a 1950 Pontiac speaker grilles installed in the rear sets that covers the 1,200 watt Alpine stereo. The wirings was done by Steve Marsden from Ajax. This car is truly a stunning golden ride that gives every fine detail some importance that would complete the art of this beautiful Mercury.


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