Volkswagen Beetle resto-mod

The car shown above looks like a normal 1971 Volkswagen Beetle, a closer look may say that it is a resto-mod Beetle but nobody would probably guess what is hidden inside its belly. It may look like a Volkswagen Beetle, but it has more from a C4 Corvette hidden inside. This hybrid was sold in an eBay post for $22,000 last May 1. This is probably one of the weirdest builds lately.

*Check out this classic “Chevrolet Corvette Parking Only” sign.*

1971 Volkswagen Beetle engine

The ad says that a custom steel tubular space frame was needed to create this hybrid, and the bodywork was widen 9 inches that supported a stock Super Beetle. The front and rear suspension was taken from a C4 Corvette, as well as the fuel injection system that comes with the 5.7 L, 400 horsepower ZZ4 350 V8 chevy engine that is matched with an L9 tuned-port intake that is probably also from a C4. 355 horsepowere 4 barrel carburetor adds more power to this Bug. This oddball breathes out through two 3” exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers. Unlike a normal Beetle where the front hood is connected at the cowl, this one has its hinges close to the bumper. Big fender flares hold the large 16 inch wheel base with a set of sports tires. The seller is proud to say that the car is rush free after professional work was done on the body, and everything does look professionally done.

1971 Volkswagen Beetle dashboard

The exterior is where you start to see some of the C4 Corvette, but it looks a bit orthodox cramping all the C4 parts into the Beetle body. The sets, digital instruments, steering wheel, shifter, and other parts from the switchgear and dashboard of the C4 Corvette. The exterior really looks great and shows the amount of work is done to every detail. In the rear seat, a large roll bar was installed and the seats were dragged back to make room for the roll bar. Carpeted speaker boxes were installed in the back that has the same grilles in the front.

C4 Corvette

The suspension is also from the C4 Corvette, a transverse leaf spring for the rear and a double wishbone and coil springs for the front suspension. There is also a Dana 36 in the back but there are not a lot of info about the transmission, cooling system, and brakes.

volkswagen bug

The bug really looks great even though it is a really weird build. And after a few more detailing, this will look a whole lot better. Like some period correct mirrors, a better speaker setup, and tucked pipes will look great in this car.

*Check out this classic “Chevrolet Corvette Parking Only” sign.*

The Volkswagen Beetles has been a common base for resto-mod projects but this one is certainly one of the odds ones out there. This would surely be a crowd magnet in any street you park.

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