81 Porsche 924 Carrera GTR

A lot of people believe that the Porsche 924 is not a “Real Porsche”. The people who says this probably have not heard about the powerful Carrera GT models. In order to have a Porsche 924 viable for the Group 4 racing, Porsche made 406 Porsche 924 Carrera GT and was then followed by the Carrera GTS and GTR models. The 924 featured today is a very rare 1981 Porsche 924 Carrera GTR, it is one out of 17 originally built and was auctioned in Coys, an UK Auction house.

1981 Porsche 924 Carrera GTR engine

It was auctioned last may in Monaco. It is a one owner and only 109 Km in the odometer, it is expected to get a significant sum of money. The Porches 924 Carrera GTR saw action in the 1980 24 Hours of Le Mans. To be give it a winning chance, Porsche mounted a large 375 horsepower turbocharged configuration of the 924s stock engine. The overall weight was reduced to a little bit over 2000 lbs. and the front brakes were replaced by the 935 racer’s brakes.

1981 Porsche 924 Carrera GTR dashboard

The 924 has large funder flares that was then used by the later Porsche 944 that was released in 1982, and the wheels are one of the coolest wheels you’ll ever see on a street car.

1981 Porsche 924 Carrera GTR

This Porsche 924 is one of the two that was shipped to Japan. The owner rarely drove it around the track and was never used on the road. Only tune it would leave the owner’s garage, aside from going to the track, was when it had its annual checkup. Even though it was rarely used, the car got a lot of love as part of a Japanese businessman’s collection. The collection was stored in a two-story garage with a pitched roof and a lift for easy access. From 1981 to 2006, the car was annually maintained by Porsche Specialist Tomei Car Service, and after 2006 was serviced by Porsche specialist Garage Tool Box. It comes with the original Japanese title documents and other records of the services done on it. It is probably one of the most well maintained Porsche 924 GTR out there.


Although this car is very rare, it would be nice to see it race through the track again even if it’s just for fun.

It may not be as awesome as the Porsche 911 Carrera RS but you don’t want to underestimate the power of the 924 Carrera GTR. It is a lot rarer than he 918 Spyder and you can’t deny that it is a true race car. 3 924 Carrera GTRs were entered in the 1980 24 Hours of Le Mans and placed 6th, 12, and 13th in the overall ranking. In 1982, another 924 GTR won the class in the 24 hours of Le Mans.

It is a perfect car for someone looking for a rare classic racer.


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