1987 Buick GNX

What if these three classic cars were released in our generation? How much would they cost?

1967 Chevrolet Corvette L88 Coupe

1967 Chevrolet Corvette L88 Coupe

This car is the last Corvette on Hagerty’s Corvette Collection.

It is one of the 21 rare 1967 Chevrolet Corvette L88 coupes from 1967. Its former owner really took care of this Corvette; it has 11,000 miles on its odometer. This car still has its original steel wheels and gas tank sticker. Aside from that, it has dual exhaust, black interior and redline tires.

In 1967, GM introduced the new Corvette with the race ready 427 called L88. Many Corvette fans claim that Chevrolet underrated its engine, they advertised it with 430hp. The L88 engine’s price was almost the same as the base Corvette and that’s the reason why only 21 L88 Corvette are made in 1967.

Would you buy this rare coupe? Here’s the price.

The original owner of this car sold it for $37,500 in 1983

If this car was released today, it could cost: $2,100,000 – $3,650,000

1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda

1971 Plymouth Hemi CudaThis car is the most sought after classic muscle car. Its power and rarity makes this car as the holy grail of the original muscle car generation. Only 59 Hardtops with Hemi engine and 4-speed are ordered in 1971. The rarer 1971 Hemi Cuda are the convertibles, only 11 convertibles were made and the rarest? The 1971 Hemi Cuda convertibles with 4-speed transmission. Only two Hemi Cuda convertibles with 4-speed transmission are made in 1971.

Also, 1971 is the last year when the powerful Hemi engine was available with an E-body model. Plymouth redesigned the appearance of the 1971 Barracuda, this model features the “cheese grater” grille with quad headlamps and four nonfunctional gills are added to the sides of the front fenders. The iconic Shaker hood was a standard feature for this model.

How much can you spend for this rare Hemi Cudas?

Original base price for hardtop: $2,512

In 1971, an additional $1,228 is for the Hemi engine

Today’s price at auction: $160,000 – $358,000

Original base price for a convertible: $3,219

Today’s price at auction:$1,200,000

1987 Buick GNX

1987 Buick GNX 

The 1987 Buick GNX is one of the iconic cars from the 80s. Its aggressive design is one of its assets but what makes this car a collectible?

Aside from its looks, this car brags its turbocharged V-6 and its suspension that is developed by McLaren. This combination proves that even if the emission and fuel economy regulations are haunting every vehicle, this car could still give the best driving experience. Only 547 Buick GNX is made in 1987 and this fast vehicle is one of the best new collectible classic cars.

No doubt, this new classic car will someday became one of the most preferred classics. Are you willing to invest to one of these cars?

Original price: $26,000 – $28,000

Price at auction: $54,400 – $120,000

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