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It is easy to locate “The world’s oldest junkyard jungle, here 80 years” you just have to drive 50 miles north of Atlanta, in the U.S. state of Georgia. When you arrive in the Interstate-75 you just have to turn right for U.S. route 411 near Chatsworth White, then you will see the magnificent patch of forest with loads of old rusting cars.

The Old car city has a population of over 4,000 classic cars from the mid-century. This contains cars from the 70s or older and they are just scattered in the 34 acres of forested property.

old car city

In this forest you can see big finned cadillacs, the rare 1941 Mack milk truck and even old ford. It will take you six miles of walking if you really want to visit each of them.

The history of the Old Car City began on 1931 when a general store in a small town was built by the Lewis family. It offers different kinds of good like clothing for the car parts, gasoline and tires. But when the united states joined World War II, the numbers of steel and tires sold was threatened. The Lewis family decided to add another business which they came up to an idea of a scrapyard. They bought junk cars and scrapped them for they can sell each part of the cars. The general store became full grown auto salvage yard in the late 1940s. Dean Lewis, the current owner of Old Car city was born in that era of their family business.

largest old car junkyard

According to Dean his childhood was all about playing all the cars in their yard. He can be want he wants to be, he can be a race track driver or a school bus driver. In an interview in CBS news dean says “I drove ’em a million miles. Never moved an inch!”. Because of his knowledge in cars Dean was able to acquire the business from his parents. In 1970, he had a new plan that can change their business ways. Dean decided that instead of scrapping the cars he would preserve it.

classic old car city

Dean really has a heart in his treasures, for several decades he already spent thousands of dollars just to acquire numerous numbers of junked and wrecked vehicles from private parties, auctions and recycling yards. One of his poplar vehicle is the 1946 Ford truck that was used in a film in 1983 entitled “Murder in Coweta County” that starred by Johnny Cash and Andy Griffith.

old ford classic cars

In the following years Dean sold some scraps because he had to buy more land to accommodate his growing number of collections but it is not that easy for you to buy anything that you want because some offers are being refused by Dean because for him each car has a nostalgic value and it is not that easy to let go. Not unless the price was worth it.

But today, Dean doesn’t need to buy off his valuables because he already realized that he can earn money by charging visitors for admission and for them to take photos.

With an admission fee of $15 just by strolling and $25 dollars if you want to take photos. The Old car city is visited by hundreds of car enthusiast all over the globe. So happily Dean no longer has to sell the parts just to maintain his hobby.

old classic car museum


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