yellow corvette

In an issue of Motor trend that was published in the year 1976 month of December issue. A Writer named Chuck Nerpel wrote “It’s big, yellow, goes like the devil and attracts oglers of both sexes and every age group” This widebody Vette 1976 is indeed a treasure.

*Check out this classic “Chevrolet Corvette Parking Only” sign.*

The car is owned by Steven Green a CC publisher. He spent years just to come up with an idea of his dream machine that he wanted to build. He’s been meticulous with the planning process. After all of his preparations he looked for the perfect subject and bumped into a car that according to Nerpel is “a stripped 1968 Vette that had found its way into a small junkyard as the result of a car theft insurance settlement.”

corvette convertible

Green planned to rebuild the car and he was lucky enough that the Vette has a heavy-duty suspension and that was a great starting point for Dick Guldstrand to “work his magic” on the chassis. Despite its rear camber kit and heavy-duty shocks, the suspension still requires “special tuning to handle the extra-wide Firestone Parnelli Jones G50x15 front tires on 8-1/2-in. rims and N50x15 rear tires on 10-in. rims.”

According to Nerpel “New Chevy IMSA wheel coverings were cast of fiberglass; then, with lots of grinding, cutting and fitting, they were blended into the body shell. The end result was a very smooth-looking treatment combining both function and distinctive styling without that added-on look.”

one of a kind corvette

The modified 350ci V-8 was covered by a bulging hood. “To achieve the best performance possible and still have an engine flexible enough to drive comfortably in traffic or on the highway,” according to Nerpel.

After trying out numbers of induction systems, Green settled with Edelbrock Torker intake manifold with a Carter Thermoquad 9800 carburetor “which seems to be just the right combination. On a recent 1,200-mile vacation trip, cruising at near-legal speeds, Steve logged 15.5 to 16 mpg, not bad for a 3,600-lb roadster that does a 100-mph quarter mile in 14 sec.”

1976 yellow 2 door corvette

This car is a 2-door convertible body type and has a rear-wheel drive, manual with four-speed gearbox. Powered by petrol (gasoline), has an engine with displacement of 5,733 cm3/349.8 cui, advertised power of 223.5 kW/300hp/304 PS (SAE gross), Torque net of 515 Nm/ 380 lb-ft. not to mention its outside length of 4,636 mm (182.5 in), wheelbase of 2,489mm (98 in) and theoretically its top speed of 196km/h(122mph).

*Check out this classic “Chevrolet Corvette Parking Only” sign.*

1976 yellow corvette

With its valuable onboard electronics gadgets, it’s one of a kind own alarm system that has power supply and was “hooked to a transmitter that signals a small beeper unit Steve carries with him whenever the car is left unattended.” It is safe to say that this car is “truly a one-of-a-kind Corvette” as Nerpel calls it.


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