Here’s another inspiring story of a man building the car of his dreams.

The 1971 Toyota Celica

The first Toyota Celica appeared on 1970 Tokyo Motor Show and it was released in December 1970. The GT, ST, ET, and LT versions of this car brought different features such as hood flutes power windows and air conditioning.

The 2T-B engine is the common engine for ST and it’s available with 3 different transmissions including the 4-speed W40 manual, the 5-speed W50 manual and the 3-speed A30 automatic.

Caught By Its Charm

1971 TOYOTA CELICA dashboard

Jeiven thought about buying a 1971 Celica but the car he’s going to buy was in bad shape. Half of its body panels and floor are covered in rust.

It was a tough decision for him but since it was his dream car, he bought it even if he knew that the restoration of this car is going to be difficult and expensive.

With a minor of tweaks by his mechanic, they managed to get the car running. While Jeiven was driving the car back to his house, the hood suddenly pops out. What makes this incident worse was it pops out right in front of a police.

Restoration Of His Dream Car

Jeiven rented a vacant room near his house to convert it into a garage. To lessen the expenses during the restoration of his car, the garage was turned in to a car wash and tuning shop, he called it the Sushi Factory.

He enjoyed building a car, and that is why he opened up the garage for everyone. He said that it’s fun to earn money while doing the things you love.

Going back to his Celica, Jeiven wanted to give it a unique look. He wanted it to have a wide flares and he wanted it to be really low.

Jeiven was already aware that many purists might hate his car but it doesn’t change his mind. He still wants to achieve his visions for his car. The outcome really coming to life as his car is starting to look aggressive and not old.

He was in a rush while restoring his car and this cost him a lot of money. He ordered some of its parts from Japan, UK, Australia and Thailand. One of those ridiculously highly priced items is the blackout-bumpers.

sushi factory car

Jeiven’s car was powered by 13T engine that has twin carburetors with a manifold and linkage sourced from abroad. It runs on a genuine ATS wheels.

The finished car turned out to be what Jeiven had already envisioned from its color to the finest little details. Although Japanese cars aren’t that valuable unlike American classic cars, he still followed his dreams. Building your dream car will surely makes you feel satisfied and happy.

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