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With the recent influx of ‘cool’ electric cars, it’s about time that we start to think about reviving some of the old classic cars. Come on car manufacturers, you know you want to…

Here is a list of some classic cars that deserves to a comeback.( let us know in the comments which car you would like to be revived!)

  1. Pontiac GTO

Pontiac GTO

From 1964 to 1974, Pontiac created one of the most wanted American car and the GTO was at its highest. Although there is a GTO revival, it is was based on an Australian model and we want an American one. The GTO is one of the most famous muscle car during the 60s and 70s with its large engine and large body, a perfect example of a true muscle car. The only down side to the GTO was the fact that you can’t have a wide tire in the rear without having to modify it. The GTO was followed by the Pontiac G8 and is a great car if you’re looking for sedans. America deserves another two-door Pontiac beast and there are some concepts that are rumored to be in progress that have a turbo charged V6 engine but GM is yet to confirm those rumors.

  1. Toyota 2000 GT

Toyota 2000 GT

The Toyota 2000 GT was introduced in the 1965 Tokyo Motor Show which was an instant success. Only 371 2000 GT were built and the first ones went out of production in 1967 that had a small 150 horsepower 4 cylinder engine. The 2000 GT proved that the Japanese auto industry is not something to be ignored and shook the idea that cars are all about powerful large body cars. The sexy and fun 2000 GT stood out among the mainstream cars. It even became one of James Bond’s car as a convertible 2000 GT bond car. That’s not something any of the American muscles have done. The Toyota Celica, Corolla, and FT86 followed the 2000 GT but they need another sports car to stand out again.

  1.  Chevrolet El Camino

Chevrolet El Camino

The car that rivaled the Ford Ranchero utility car and won. The El Camino started in 1959 and was so successful it ran up to 1987. Although the production halted for 4 years (1980 0 1984) the popularity of the El Camino did not fade. The El Camino was unique that had an American muscle front that is attached to a truck bed. This allowed the El Camino to be fast and at the same time can haul a significant load. The El Camino was eventually replaced by the mid-sized trucks which was becoming more popular. Last 204, a photo was leaked that featured a 2016 El Camino remake but it eventually faded. IF the El Camino was brought back, it certainly would be as popular back in the day.

  1. BMW 2002

BMW 2002

The BMW 2002 was the pride of the German motor industry during 1962 until 1977. This two door sports car was fast and great handling due to its lightweight body. Even if it was a bit expensive, it did not stop its popularity and people enjoyed driving the BMW 2002. This little sports car was great around tight corners and got its speed from a small 4 cylinder engine. The BMW 2002 was followed by the 3 and 5 BMW series. If the BMW 2002 was brought back again, it would surely increase the BMW sales further.

  1. Buick Grand National

Buick Grand National

The Buick Grand National was under the Buick Regal as a sub model. During 1984, the era of turbo chargers started and there was no other turbo cars that could match the power of the Buick Grand National. With the 200 horsepower 3.8 Liter V6 engine, the Grand National dominated other sports cars of its time. Later in 1987, the GNX was introduced with 245 horsepower which was sold for $39,900. There are rumors that the Buick Grand National is going to have a remake but there is still no official statement from General Motors. The Grand National would be perfect for the V6 Twin Turbo and will surely beat all the current power house.

  1. Pontiac Firebird

Pontiac Firebird

The success of the Pontiac Firebird was undeniable and certainly one of the best muscle cars ever built. First introduced in 1967 and died in 2002 with 4 generations of Firebird that went out of General Motors. With its dashing look and power to back it up as the reason for its success, a fifth generation of Firebird would surely be amazing. The demand for a modern Firebird is present as a lot of people are modifying their fifth gen Camaros to represent a fifth gen Firebird. A true fifth generation Firebird will surely be another great success for the brand.

  1. Honda CRX

Honda CRX

It may not have a lot of fans, but the Honda also had its part in the history of automobiles. The Honda CRX was first released in 1983 and ended in 1991. Small and economical, the 4 cylinder Japanese car was a hype during its time. When it arrived in America, people started tinkering with the CRX and realized that it was lighter than the older Honda Civic. People then started modifying the CRX with more power and this started the trend of import drag racers. Although Honda introduced the CRZ in 2010, it was not like the CRX. The turbo charger on the Honda Civic would be great for a new CRX but there are still no news about it.

  1.  Chevrolet Chevelle

Chevrolet Chevelle

The Chevrolet introduced the Chevelle in 1964 and it became an instant celebrity. Even now the Chevelle still hadn’t lost all of its stardom. The legendary Chevelle roared down the streets and every American would know it is a Chevelle. Later in 1970, the Chevelle SS 454 was released and stunned Americans. With the LS6 beast with a 480 horsepower, competitors new who they were dealing with. Unfortunately it did not survey the Oil Embargo. There are some good news that the Chevelle is one of GMs candidate for a muscle car revival.

  1.  Mazda RX-7

Mazda RX-7

In 1978, Mazda introduced a rotary powered sports car that was supposed to be impossible but the all of it was proved wrong. It was so innovative the over 800,000 RX-7s were sold from 1978 to 2002 with 3 generations of the Japanese Rotary beast. It was later followed by the RX-8 but was not as successful, it was less powerful and a lot less reliable due to some sudden breakdown issues. The rotary engine was completely abandoned by Mazda and it is highly likely that we will never see another RX-7 again.

  1.  Plymouth Barracuda 

Plymouth Barracuda

Also one of the legendary muscle cars, the Plymouth Barracuda had a 10 year career from 1964-1974. The 70-72 and 73-74 models was the most successful. Having the most powerful engine of its time was one of its key to success with over 300 horsepower. The 426 Hemi engine was also installed into the Barracuda which boosted its success. The Plymouth was disbanded by Dodge Motor Company last 2001. There have been some discussion of the Barracuda revival but we just have to wait until it finally comes out.

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