1967 Plymouth GTX

Jimmy Addison owned and racing a piece of 1967 Plymouth GTX which is popular by a name of “The Silver Bullet”. The car is vastly-modified Plymouth Belvedere GTX hardtop. He was a mechanic who worked at Ted Spehar’s Sunoco gas station on Woodward Avenue in Birmingham, Michigan. Jimmy’s hemi-powered car is popular because it is the undisputed king of Woodward.1966 Plymouth Belvedere

1968 Plymouth Belvedere GTX was a 440 car doing R&D duty for Chrysler. The car was fitted with a 487 ci Hemi with extremely rare A-990 aluminum heads by the infamous Jimmy Addison. Jimmy was known to be a good driver and a street racer, but most importantly, an innovator. He drove this legitimate 10 second beast on the street using tricks like four Cadillac mufflers to keep things quiet. As the “King” of Woodward Ave. Harold claims the car was never beaten.

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They have a 1966 Plymouth Belvedere, The Belvedere received some new styling changes in 1966 giving it a more square angular look. Rich choices of color combinations were available including 17 solid colors and 18 optional 2-tone combinations.

The Belvedere I was offered as the base model for 1966 and like the entire Belvedere line it offers roominess and economy, especially with the standard 225-cid 6 cylinder engine driven by a 3-speed manual transmission.

1966 Plymouth Belvedere interior

Belvedere II had 10 distinctive models to choose from powered by the standard 225-cid 6 cylinder or the optional Commando 383-cid V8.  Standard features included front and rear seat belts as well as a padded instrument panel.

Top of the Belvedere line-up was the Satellite equipped with the 273-cid V8 engine and 3-speed manual transmission and came in either a 2 door Hardtop or Convertible.  Standard equipment included front bucket seats, padded instrument panel, front and rear seat belts, console lights, cushy deep-pile carpeting and Chrysler Corporation alternator.  Three optional Commando V8 engines were available along with a 3-speed Torque lite automatic or 4 on the floor manual transmission.

1966 Plymouth Belvedere dashboard

The legendary Plymouth Street Hemi engine was introduced for the first time in 1966. Out of the total produced, a total of 2,729 were installed in both Plymouths and Dodges.  The Hemi engine was installed in a total of 136 Belvedere I two-door sedans, 531 Belvedere II hardtops, 10 Belvedere II convertibles, 817 Belvedere Satellite hardtops and 27 in Belvedere Satellite convertibles.

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