During 1935 to 1942, Plymouth focused on producing commercial use vehicles. Only in 1974 did they release a sports utility vehicle or open-bed pick up which was the Trial Duster.

In the early days, Plymouth dealers would often work with Dodge dealers so it is common so see Dodge trucks in Plymouth showrooms. DeSoto or Chrysler dealers were also connected with Dodge and this created the need for Plymouth to have their own truck line. Plymouth commercial vehicles started with taxi cabs and delivery vans, and later in 1937 did they release their first pickup truck, the Plymouth PT-50 pickup.

The Plymouth PT-50 pickups were made in Michigan, Indiana and California. A little bit over 14,700 commercial cars were made by Plymouth in 1937, and 10,700 of those were PT-50 pickups. The remaining are delivery vans, station wagons, or chassis for taxis. The PT-50 may not be as famous as the mustangs or corvette but it certainly holds its own as the first truck by Plymouth and its success during its time is undeniable. With half ton capacity it is no wonder over 10,000 units were sold. And if you were working with heavier loads, the PT-50 had a special options to increase its total capacity to 1 ton. Unfortunately, Plymouth was forced to stop its production during World War II.

Plymouth PT-50 pickups

This good looking PT50 was found in a Catholic boy’s school in California. The seller who was the second owner of this Plymouth pickup had it for more than 30 years. Although it is very old, it seems it has not been used very much and only has 17,500 miles on it.

Plymouth PT-50 pickups engine

The seller claims that the pickup does not have any rust on it and repainted it to its original paint job. A bit of work has been done on it to make sure it is ready for everyday cruising.

Plymouth PT-50 pickups exhaust
It also has the original engine, transmission, and body as claimed by the seller.

Its engine is the 190 cid flat 6 with a manual gearbox transmission.

The only thing replaced by the seller are the tires, carburetor, radiator, brakes, chrome and wiring which are all brand new.

Finding a Plymouth PT50 in this great condition is really hard especially with the original engine and transmission still intact as most of the PT50 served in the war and very few survived. This is a well restored PT50 and the new owner is really lucky to have it, a great truck to drive around town. It would’ve been a lot cooler if it came with its original 1937 license plate which is no longer available. The truck is now found in Templeton, Massachusetts and the owner is selling it for $38,500 or to the highest bidder.

Plymouth PT50



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