Pontiac Star Chief


classic Auburn

This type of car is a one of a kind vintage muscle car, only a few of them were built by the auburn automobile in year 1920s. This comes with a large, powerful engine and it is a classic roadster. This eye catching car is remarkable for its cycle typed wings, step plates instead of running boards and the unusual feature of a small compartment for luggage behind the front wheels.

The Auburn Automobile Company grew out of the Eckhart Carriage Company, founded in Auburn, Indiana, in 1874 by Charles Eckhart (1841–1915).  Eckhart’s sons, Frank and Morris, experimented making automobiles before entering the business in earnest, absorbing two other local carmakers and moving into a larger plant in 1909. The enterprise was modestly successful until materials shortages during World War I forced the plant to close.

Pontiac Star Chief

Pontiac Star Chief

This is the most renowned model of Pontiac’s this is the star chief. It’s main contrast among other vintage muscle cars is its chrome star trim along its sides. This amazing treasure appeared in the 1950s American TV sitcom “I Love Lucy.”  the characters “drove” (in episode 110, “California Here We Come”) to the West Coast in a 1955 Star Chief convertible, that in the previous episode “Lucy Learns to Drive” was “bumped together” with a 1922 Cadillac Type V-63.In 1954, Pontiac also introduced air conditioning with all the components under the hood, a first for the price range. Seat belts were added as options in 1956. The Star Chief was available in Deluxe and pricier Custom trim, with the top trim level hardtop called the Catalina.

Chevrolet Impala

Chevrolet Impala

During its period Chevrolet Impala is a beast of all muscle cars. It is a perfect union of power and beauty in one sweet, very sweet ride. Taking the Chevrolet impala for a ride would be a pleasure for it deserves the spotlight for miles and miles of road ahead.

The 1963 Impala featured rectilinear styling with an engine-turned aluminum rear taillight panel surrounded by a chrome border on SS models. Engine choice was similar to 1962, with the small-block 283-and-327-cubic-inch (4.6 and 5.4 L) V8s most popular. The Sport Sedan featured a new, creased roof line. A new “coved” instrument panel with simple indicator lights for hot and cold engine conditions. An optional factory tachometer was built into the dashboard, just above the steering wheel; it was rarely ordered.

AC Cobra

AC Cobra

This ford V8 powered engine classic America sports car is called AC Cobra it is tried and tested for its power, the AC cobra is really lovable for its speed is amazingly good and it is really seductive in everyone’s eyes. Due to its popularity in the past this vehicle was the inspiration for the for Shelby Cobra concept which aims to bring back retro sports car.

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