Although this car was one of the best original unrestored aero car in existence, do you think it’s appropriate to just park this Hemi Superbird for almost 40 years.

Aero Cars!

Plymouth Superbird 

Ed Swink spent his childhood watching NASCAR with his friends and family. Ever since he saw a Plymouth Superbird in Talladega and Michigan International Speedway, it motivated him to have his own aero car when he grows up.

Ed already purchased a 440 Six Barrel/bench seat/four-speed FY1 Lemon Twist Superbird and it somehow fills the void. Although he is happy with his car, he’s still not satisfied. He embarked on another search for a more powerful Superbird that is powered by bigger engine with its spark plug sticking out on its valve covers.

Lemon Twist Superbird

Sometime in 1976, Ed found the most sought-after aero car. He saw an FJ5 Lime Light Superbird that is powered by 426 Hemi engine, paired with 4-speed transmission and it also featured several unique options. The car was on a perfect condition and it only has 11,390 miles on its odometer. Ed never hesitated on purchasing the car because he thinks that he deserves to be the rightful owner of the vehicle.

The Caged Superbird

the FJ5 Superbird

After purchasing the vehicle, he parked the FJ5 Superbird right next to his FY1 Superbird. Ed was using the FY1 as his daily driver while the FJ5 Superbird had never been used. The Hemi Superbird was parked inside his garage for almost 30 years and after several months of critical thinking, he finally decided to sell his car.

Few years ago, Ed sold his Hemi Superbird to Dale Laur of Michigan and the car still has 11,390 miles on its odometer.

The Lime Light Hemi Superbird was never really unleashed on the streets because this car was unrestored. Incredibly, all of the car’s parts are original. Dale Laur never regretted in parking the Hemi Superbird in his garage because he currently owns a 1969 Road Runner convertible, 1969 Hemi Road Runner, 1969 ½ A12 and 1970 Road Runner.

Lime Light Superbird

Various Facts With This Lime Light Superbird:

The Lime Light Hemi Superbird still wears its original tires, starter, alternator, belts, wires, hoses and transmission.

Only 58 four-speed Hemi Superbirds were built by Plymouth in 1970.

A S83 two-spoke Rim-Bio steering was mounted inside the Lime Light Hemi Superbird and although it was regularly used on C-bodies, it was rarely installed on a Superbird.

The interior featured several deluxe items such as AM/eight track radio and front buckets with the C21 center seat cushion with folding armrest.


1970 Superbird

Owner: Dale Laur

Restored By: Unrestored

Engine: 426 cu in Hemi V-8

Transmission: 4-speed manual

Rearend: Dana 60 with 3.54 gears and A33 Track Pack

Interior: Black vinyl bucket seat

Wheels: 15×7 Rallye

Tires: F60-15 Goodyear Polyglas GT


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