1971 BOSS 351 Ford MUSTANG

Restoring classic cars is not easy, especially for beginners. Every old car has set of problems that you need to solve. You need to make sure that you’re up to the challenge just like Larry Rollack. He bought a very rusty 1971 Mustang because he thought that its rust was only a minor problem but when he finally stripped the Mustang to its bare bones, he didn’t expect that the problems went from bad to worse. Did he make the biggest mistake of his life? Let’s find out.

The Mustang that Larry Rollack bought was a 1971 Boss 351 Mustang and this car was originally packed with 351 cu in V-8 with large port cylinder heads. This car was capable of producing 330 horsepower and it has a Ram Air plus a Boss-only valve covers.

The Boss

1971 Ford MUSTANG

This 1971 Boss 351 Mustang is a rare car because back in early 1970’s, Ford has won the Trans Am Series and after that, they had no intention of re-joining the race. Since then, Ford has stopped making Boss 302 and Boss 429, but they still used the Boss name. They released the Boss 351 Mustang in 1971 and only 1,806 units were made. Unfortunately, only 561 of them survived the test of time.

That’s the reason why Larry Rollack was urged to buy this Mustang even if it’s rusty. Although he was planning to junk the car that he bought, he still hanged on to it because it’s a Boss. Also, Larry was bitten by the Mustang bug when his father bought a used 1968 Mustang in 1972. His father gave the car to him as a gift after his 16th birthday.

Larry also loved the fact that the 1971 Mustang that he bought was the last fastest tested Mustang until the release of Cobra R model. It has power disc brakes, competition suspension and 4-speed manual transmission to a 3.91:1 rear axle with Ford’s Traction Lok. This car also has a front spoiler, front grille from a Mach 1 and customized decals.

The Deal For The Unseen Mustang


Larry Rollack was not a novice when it comes to restoring classic cars; he restored several rare Mustangs in the past. He wanted to add a Boss 351 to his collection and he found this rare Mustang on The deal between Larry and the seller of the car was only through a phone call. Larry was not aware of its condition because he never saw the car personally, he only asked for its identification number before buying it.

He bought the car at a reasonable price, all of its working parts were restored including its engine. Its engine was sent to ABS competition in Regina while its body was restored at Ramsay’s Rod shop in Saskatoon. The shop removed all of the rusted panels on its body and replaced it with new ones. The restoration on Ramsay’s Rod Shop took 18 months; the Boss was finally rust-free before it was sent to Threeforty-Six Paint Inc in Warman for color treatment.

The Boss’s Restoration

1971 BOSS 351 Ford MUSTANG engine

Larry chose to repaint the Boss in Allis Chalmers orange. He said that the car’s body style looked better in that color.

The car was almost complete, the remaining parts of his car was in his garage. He reassembled the car inside his garage and performed several finishing touches. The car’s interior was made by Ripstitch Interiors in Warman.

During the process of his car’s restoration, Larry has become a little bit hesitant in continuing the project. But with the support of his wife and friends, he was encouraged and the restoration was successfully completed. It took 5 years to restore his Boss 351, he bought the car in 2008 and its restoration was finished in 2013.

1971 BOSS 351 Ford MUSTANG restoration

Larry Rollack said that the car will not be his daily driving car, but he will occasionally drive it to showcase its beauty.

Would you only drive it ‘occasionally’?

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