This 1967 Corvette owned by Debbie and Sonny Freeman looks like it was made to perfection without any part left untouched, however this stunning Corvette has humble beginnings. Found in Hesston, Pennsylvania, this StingRay Corvette is 1 out of 4293, made in Goodwood Green was stored for decades after the original owner used it for more than a decade after it was bought in 1967. The original owner intended to restore it but he later decided to sell it as the price of the StingRays don’t go so high up.

*Check out this classic “Chevrolet Corvette Parking Only” sign.*

original 1967 CORVETTE

When Sonny found the Corvette, it was had most of its original parts except for the flared wheels and hopped-up 327 engine. Sonny brought the Corvette from Hesston, Pennsylvania to Lafayette, Louisiana with his truck and trailer. Although the Corvette was mostly original, it did not matter to Sonny as he had bigger plans for it.

restored 1967 CORVETTE

Generally there are 3 ways to rebuild a classic car and choosing which way to go is mainly on personal preference. The first one is the “Factory Original” build were the car is restored to its original factory configuration as much as possible. The 2nd one is the restomod where the car is rebuilt to look as original as possible but is completely different under the hood, usually it is to replace the powertrain with something that would be up to the emission standards or that will improve the overall performance of the car.

This Corvette on the other hand is fits with the 3rd type of build, the street rodder style. This project has no limits, rebuilding the car to however the owner wants it to be. Probably the only limitation to this build is the budget. Every detail is worked on to obtain the desired result to perfection which this Corvette is certainly a great example.

*Check out this classic “Chevrolet Corvette Parking Only” sign.*

gorgeous 1967 CORVETTE

Sonny entrusted this Corvette to the shop that had previously done the work for his Corvette C1 but progress was really slow so he looked for other Corvette builders and found Mike Goldman Customs from Meridian, Mississippi. Sonny and Mike used the concept art made by Eric Brockmeyer and went out to plan the build.

The original chassis of the 1967 Corvette was changed with a Roadster Shop Fast Track chassis that fits for any 1963-1967 Corvette StingRay. The Roadster Shop Fast Track is a 10-guage structure that is completely hand-made which can have some adjustments to house the different wheel sizes. Goldman did some small changes to the rear of the Fast track chassis and made the distance of the front framerails smaller to improve the turning radius.

The front upper and lower control arms and sway bars for the Fast Track were supplied by AFCO shocks installed in all corners. C6 Z06 front spindles are used in every Roadster Shop C2 chassis. A Roadster Shop IRS complemented with Strange 4.11 Positraction is used in the rear suspension. Every corner has a wildwood six-piston caliper and 14 inch rotor. Power steering through a quick-ratio gear box by Detroit Speed was used for improved manoeuvrability. Forgeline MS3C Concaves with sizes 18×7.5 for the front wheels and 19×10 for the rear wheels. 225/40R18 Continentals tires are installed in the front and 275/35R19 for the rear.

1967 CORVETTE tires

The original concept art by Brockmeyer had a bright red and black theme but Goldman said it was becoming to mainstream for high end StingRays and instead used white as it was not very common with high profile Sting Rays. Some body modifications were done such as a 2 inch channel to align the body with the framerails’ bottom. Under the grille and attached bumper, the front roll pan was covered with a chin spoiler that extends to a full bellypan that reaches the rear roll pan. The seatbacks are placed in cove shape in the hatch that used to store the soft top.1967 CORVETTE interior

All the brightwork, exterior and interior, are finished in brushed nickel plated done by Advanced Plating from Memphis, Tennessee. Paul Atkins Interiors from Hanceville, Alabama did the Corinthian rust hue leather interior that is complemented by the one off a kind custom gauges made by Classic Instruments from Boyne City, Michigan. Vintage Air supplied the Front Runner serpentine pulley system for the air conditions.

1967 CORVETTE engine

The 427 hood from the 1967 Corvette was reformed to house the eight velocity stacks from the Hilborn Injection. 750 horsepower 427 inch LS7 Mast Motorsports rest under the fuel injection. Mast Motorsports in Nacogdoches, texas is known for increasing the power without losing the reliability of the LS engines. McLeod Racing clutched Tremec T-56 Magnum 6-speed transmission is used for the smooth gear shifts.

After the tedious work on every detail done on this Corvette is truly wonderful and the result is just perfect. This would not be possible without the expertise of Goldman Customs, Advanced Plating, and Paul Atkins Interiors.

*Check out this classic “Chevrolet Corvette Parking Only” sign.*

1967 CORVETTE restoration

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