1975 Chevy Nova


The ultimate dream of teenagers back in the golden era of muscle cars was to drive their father’s car. Here’s a story of Allan Calder and his father’s ’75 Chevy Nova.

In 1987, Allan Calder believes that his parents are going to give him his own car on his 16th birthday. Allan was very excited about it even if he knew that it won’t be a brand new car. Allan was contented with his father’s 1975 Chevy Nova and he knew that his father is going to replace his car with a new one. That’s the reason why Allan was expecting to have his father’s 1975 Chevy Nova on his 16th birthday.

Allan said that he has a lot of memorable childhood memories with his father’s Chevy Nova. They often use the car in their family’s long road trips. He also recalls the thousand times he asked his parents with “are we there yet?”

’75 Chevy Nova

The 1975 Chevrolet Nova of Allan’s father was packed with a V-8 with 4.29 L engine and its suspension and sub frame was based on GM F-body cars such as Camaro and Pontiac Firebird. During its release, the Chevy Nova was considered as a subcompact car and it was available in either 3-speed automatic, 3-speed manual or 4-speed manual transmission.

The ’75 Chevy Nova of Allan’s father was painted in light blue and it has no bucket seats. He further describes his car that it has one long driver and passenger seat with a nice plush cover, big steering wheel and everything is manual. It has a 4-speed manual transmission and it lacks any electronics.

The fourth generation Chevy Nova was made to compete with Ford Granada, Mercury Monarch, Dodge Dart and Plymouth Valiant. This car was a tough contender and it was successful but unfortunately, the sales of the fourth generation Nova goes down with its 1978 model. The last Chevy Nova from the assembly line was rolled off on August 1988.

’75 Chevy Nova exterior

As for Allan, the Chevy Nova’s from the 70s are his favorites and particularly, the 1975 Chevy Nova of his father was the perfect one for him.

Allan was really excited for his 16th birthday on the summer of 1988 and he’s expecting to finally have the 1975 Chevy Nova of his father. But on his birthday, his father didn’t give him the Nova and Allan was upset. His father had no intention of giving his Nova because it has several mechanical problems. He knew that Allan had no time and intention of restoring his car, Allan was more interested in dating girls and playing his guitar.

His father didn’t let him down. He helped Allan to buy a Chevy Cavalier. Allan was satisfied with his first car but his heart really wants his father’s 1975 Chevy Nova.

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