1936 Ford

James Hetfield is widely known as the front man of the heavy metal band Metallica. He has a serious passion of collecting custom-built classic cars. His appreciation for classic cars was evident on the music video of the Metallica’s song fuel. This car was one of James Hetfield’s collections of custom hot rods.

James Hetfield’s collection evolved from muscle cars into hot rods and customs. This 1936 Ford was one of the best from his collection.

James Hetfield 1936 Ford

James already did modifications in this car inside his own garage but going deeper into his car exceeded his skill as a car mechanic. That is why he called Blue Collar Customs for help. Blue Collar Customs finished the first version of the car in just 5 weeks and it made its debut at 2006 Cruisin’ Nationals in Paso Robles.

James Hetfield 1936 Ford Metallica

The shop installed a brand new air suspension system, a modified Heidts Mustang II style IFS crossmember and a custom four-link in the rear. Scott Mugford helped James in making a custom hood for his car. He also made adjustments to its headers to accommodate the hood that he made.

Metallica James Hetfield 1936 Ford

In 2008, James sat down with the members of Blue Collar Customs to discuss the next phase for his car while the coupe was still in the middle of metalwork. Custom canted b-pillars were planned for James’ car and the shop started its next phase with the re-working of its stock frame. The shop made a custom column that was based on a ‘52 Chevy stock column.

Metallica 1936 Ford

James Hetfield 1936 Ford Grille

The shop really paid attention in shaping the car. Its grille, door opening, quarter glass and floor were all hand- built from flat sheet metal. These efforts were executed perfectly and the crew also made several changes to the car’s trunk lid to adapt to its new body line. They also made a custom roof that was also hand shaped in order to give the car a better shape. The three-piece hood was unified into a one piece and its custom hood sides were louvered on their Pulmax machine.

James Hetfield 1936 Ford interior

Up front, E&J headlights were used while in the rear, they used custom taillights which were made from a 1936 Dodge horn covers.

After finishing the necessary modifications, the shop’s crew was already preparing for spending a lot of man hours in filling, sanding and coating the car but suddenly, in 2010 James decided to take the car in its current condition. The car was already drivable but it was still not painted.

James Hetfield 1936 Ford engine

James is now focused on its interiors. The interior of his car was highlighted by its oxblood leather upholstery and gloss-black paint. An all-electric air conditioner from an electric car was hidden between its seats and trunk. Also, an admirable work is showcased under its hood because the car’s audio, air suspension and a/c system was perfectly hidden.

This car was finished in time to make its presence on ’12 SEMA Show and West Coast Custom’s Cruisin Nationals.




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