1964 Mustang

Ford was one of the biggest companies back in early ‘60s and the release of their Mustang played a huge role in decorating the historic muscle car era. Ford made the first move of re-releasing their earlier models. They re-introduced the Ford Thunderbird after its hiatus. This move by Ford was followed by several car companies. Chrysler and GM re-released their historic cars too but it’s just the same as Ford’s. When Chrysler resurrected their Charger, it doesn’t resemble the original Chargers that roamed the streets during the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. GM also re-released the infamous GTO but just like the new Chargers, it doesn’t look like the original.

The 11th generation Thunderbird lasted only from 2002 to 2005.

Almost over 40 years after its initial release, Ford introduced a retro styled Mustang to a younger generation. This sparked interest of many critics and car enthusiasts, many hoped for a muscle car comeback.

1964 Mustang

1 A 1964 Ford Mustang in “Guardsman Blue”

Ford was the first company to design their new generation cars based on the previous models that they have already released. The feedbacks for their fifth generation Mustang was positive and although its sales was not as dominant as the 1964 model, the sale for the 2005 model was still better than the first and last year of the 4th generation Mustang.

1969 Chevrolet

2 A 1969 Chevrolet pro-touring Camaro

This move was once again followed by several GM companies, Chrysler re-introduced the new Challenger in public and just like the 5th generation Mustang, the design for their new model resembles the earlier versions of the Challenger. For some critics, the Challenger looked very similar to its ancestors compared to what Ford did to their Mustang. Chevrolet also did an amazing job of recreating their 1969 Camaro for its fifth generation release.

Is There Something New?

All of these cars were priced reasonably and all of their price tag was around $30,000. These cars wear the valued designs of their well-respected ancestors and maybe that is the only reason why people still buy these cars. Actually, there’s nothing new about these cars, they are just the evolved version of their previous models.

new muscle cars

10 years ago after the release of the first retro-themed Mustang, its sales were not consistent. According to, “the lowest sale for the 5th generation Mustang was in 2009 with 66,623 units.” If these cars don’t go retro, they will be just ordinary cars on the market. Would they be still successful if they finally let go of their past designs?

A Great Muscle Car Comeback?

A lot of muscle car fans out there are still hoping for a great comeback and although their heroes are trying to turn things around, the perfect timing and luck are still not in their favor.

A lot of people nowadays are practically choosing the right car for their lifestyle because everything is changed and we are not living in the ‘60s anymore. (boohoo) The best things that are left for a lot of classic muscle car fans like us are the restored vehicles from the past. The cars that are involved in that infamous era will never be replicated.


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