1960’s in Harrington, Delaware, Robert Smith knew that the very first slot car that he gave to his son was the start of a new generation of Hot Rodding to their family. Robert Smith did the appropriate things to make sure that his son was ready with the proper introductions.

The Passing Of The Torch

Neal Smith learned the basics from reading little books, building scale models and attending Summer Nationals at Englishtown, New Jersey along with his older brother. As the years go by, his fascination for Hot Rod was growing and his weekly trips to the local Tastee-Freeze drive-in also played a large role for his passion.

On out of all the raging cars on his era, Neal Smith’s favorite car was a 1932 Chevy Coupe and an exciting turn of events happened for Neal when he saw an advertisement on the newspaper saying that, his dream car was for sale. He was just 15 years old at that time and after sharing the news to his father, Robert didn’t hesitate in buying the coupe for his son.

Robert was confident while buying the car and deep inside of his mind, he knew that the car was meant for his son and it’s his destiny.

The young Neal Smith spent countless hours in their family’s garage while working on his very first car and his father is just watching him with amazement. Robert knew that he did the right thing.

The coupe served Neal very well during his high school years and happiness was always on his face every time he drives around their town along with his friends.

The Old Chevy

As he grows older, Neal had applied a number of different paint jobs, sets of wheels and different interior combinations to his car. But in 2000, Neal cuts the roof off and although he was pleased with the coup’s new design, Neal decided to park the unfinished car in their garage. The coupe needs a lot of work but Neal chose to move on.

Although he ditched his old Chevy, he still thinks about it that is why he contacted Correy Hunter of Six Deuces of Speed Shop in Milford, Delaware. They sat down in a meeting and they talked about Neal’s old Chevy. Both of them agreed with each other’s ideas and it resulted in a project to overhaul the Chevy to give it a new life.


Hunter presented his ‘60s inspired customization plan to Neal and they quickly started their project by towing the Old Chevy to Six Deuces Speed Shop.

Correy Hunter along with his team, reviewed the coupe before they finally disassemble it, Neal Smith also joined them in redesigning his Chevy. Neal was modifying its chassis with the assistance of Correy Hunter and at the same time, Correy was also fabricating its cross members. He flattened the front crossmember to give the car its nose-in-the-dirt stance. A Pete & Jake Model A was used on the coupe’s front end to sink its wheels under its fenders. A wild combination of ET Dragmaster front wheel shod with Firestone/Coker rubber and ET five-windows outback wearing Hurst Cheater sticks are used for its wheels.

32 CHEVY ROADSTER interior

Bobby Reed of Reed’s Restoration helped Neal in picking the appropriate engine for his Chevy. A ’59 Chevy 348 cu in was chosen. Six Deuces reinforced the Chevy’s body, they also added a fresh sheet metal for its new look. The team removed the A-Pillars then they reshaped the cowl to accommodate the Ford windshield that they’re going to install.

After completing the necessary metalwork for its body, Gary Hunter coated its body with Six Deuce’s custom satin Gold.

On its interior, the stock dash was filled with moon gauges and a Moon steering wheel was used. Majority of its interior was made by Six Deuces but its custom bomber seats were made by Strader’s Auto Upholstery.

gorgeous 32 CHEVY ROADSTER

The detail that they envisioned was materialized on their project. Neal was pretty happy about the outcome and his dad is surely proud of what he did. It is really inspiring to know stories like this one, sticking to your first car and just customizing it to fit your needs.

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