During the 1970s, Ford muscles were at the peak of its designs outperforming other muscle cars manufacturers. Mercury was a division under Ford that may have been undermined and even though it recently completely shut down but we still can’t deny that it was still able to produce several great legends.

Yellow 1969 Mercury Cyclone

The 1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ was one of those legends. Same as the famous American muscles of times time, it was built with powerful engine in a medium sized body. The Cyclone CJ gets its name from the 428 Cobra jet engine installed. You could feel and hear its power roar through its dual exhaust that proved the hidden potential the Mercury line could achieve.

1969 Mercury Cyclone engine

After the performance of the Cyclone CJ was shown to the public, it quickly got praises from several auto magazine saying that it will certainly break the notion that Mercury cars are slow and outdated. Easily reaching over 100 Mph with its 428 cubic inch V8 cobra jet engine. The handling and the power front disc brakes were also not to be under estimated. The overall performance of the Cyclone CJ certainly outshined previous Mercury models taking its competition potential to a whole new level.

Due to the Mercury division’s closure, the parts for the Cyclone CJ are hard to find as they are no longer in production. The good news is that the popularity of Medium sized Fords from the same period means that can easily find substitute parts for your Cyclone CJ.

1969 Mercury Cyclone dashboard

Very few people now that this car used to go head to head with the best at the NASCAR during its time and because of its rarity it becomes a natural head turner during auto shows. Easy to maintain while still having that rare vibe, the cyclone CJ is certainly an underrated classic American muscle. 1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ was all about performance and it was the most expensive among Mercury’s Montego, Comet, and Cyclone lines with a base price of $3,207.



Engine manufacturer:                                        Ford FE-series V-8 428 Cobra-Jet

Engine type:                                                              Spark-ignition 4-stroke

Transmission:                                                         Close ratio 4-speed manual

Fuel type:                                                                   petrol (gasoline)

Fuel system:                                                             carburetor

Charge system:                                                      naturally aspirated

Valves per cylinder:                                            2

Additional features:                                           Holley 4-barrel



Horsepower gross:                                              250 kW / 340 PS / 335 hp (SAE gross)

/ 5200

Torque gross:                                                           597 Nm / 440 ft-lb

/ 3400

Car power to weight ratio net:  109 watt/kg / 50 watt/lb (estimated by a-c)

Car weight to power ratio net:  9.2 kg/kW / 6.7 kg/PS / 15.1 lbs/hp (estimated by a-c)

Fuel capacity:                                                          76 liter / 20.1 U.S. gal / 16.7 imp. Gal

Engine lubricant oil capacity:                       4.7 liter / 5 U.S. qt / 4.1 imp. qt with filter change

Engine coolant capacity:                                 19.4 liter / 20.5 U.S. qt / 17.1 imp. qt



Front brakes:                                                           drum, disc 287 optional 254 mm / 10 in

Rear brakes:                                                             drum, 254 mm / 10 in

Standard tires:                                                       F70 – 14



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