This car is the masterpiece of the retired art teacher from Santa Maria, California. Take a look at his creativity and artistry that runs deeply into this car’s body.

A Teacher’s Life

Making a custom car-involved artistry, from the way you envisioned your car up to the perfection of its engine. Every finished custom car is a product of someone else’s creative mind and Richard Fisher from Santa Maria California takes custom car building to a whole new level. He’s a trained artist and he learned the basics when he started drawing when he was a kid. He was just 5 years old when his father asked him to draw characters from Sunday comics. As he grows old, he received multiple achievements and recognitions. He earned himself a scholarship then eventually, he became a teacher.

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red and black 1956 CHEVY BEL AIR

After almost 37 years of passing his knowledge to the students of Lompoc School District, he finally says goodbye to this chapter of his life. Richard Fisher is now focused to the things that he never gave attention during his life as a teacher and one of those things is being a full-time car enthusiast.

Richard really admired classic cars and since 1956 became a special year to him, the latest addition to his collection was this 1956 Chevy Bel Air.

The Making Of His Masterpiece

Richard’s original plan for his Bel Air was to send it to Chris Jensen of Central Coast Hot Rods for minor modifications. Particularly, he wanted to convert it to power steering. Richard Fisher was unaware of Chris’ amazing talent of turning a boring classic to a distinctive head turner. Richard was impressed so he decided to do the same to his Bel Air.

Body Modifications And Engine

Robert Boudesseal did the necessary body modifications and it features the red-and-black paint along with its re-chromed bumpers. He also did a subtle shave on the hood. Central Coast Hot Rods also did a major customization to change the stance of this ‘56 Bel Air. They used a Superior 2-inch drop spindles and 1.5 inch lowering springs along with Monroe Shocks and stock A-arms for lowering its front end while 2-inch lowering springs plus a 2-inch drop blocks are used to its rear end. That modification gave the car a new aggressive look.

1956 CHEVY BEL AIR wheels

This car was riding in style with its polished Foosed Nitrous II wheels and it was wrapped in Nitto rubber. This car was already impressive but its stunning changes continue with the addition of power steering and disc brakes. This improves its handling and almost all of the components underneath were powder-coated while the old rubber bushings were replaced with polyurethane versions.

1956 CHEVY BEL AIR engine

This Bel Air was powered by Edelbrock 350 cu in engine with an Edelbrock Durashine Performer Intake and it was paired with a 600-cfm carburetor plus an Edelbrock Air cleaner. This impressive engine combination was cooled down by Mahson aluminum radiator.


The most noticeable modification inside this car was its re-skinned seats from Lexus SC300 and its color matches the exterior. Central Coast Hot Rods also did an amazing job of customizing its console and they also added an Alpine DVD head unit as well as speakers to entertain Fisher while he was driving.

1956 CHEVY BEL AIR interior

The Classic Car Bug

The car almost took 4 years to complete and it’s worth the wait. Richard Fisher was really satisfied. From its bizarre color combination to its brand new stance, there’s nothing more Richard could ask for. He also says that “once you are bitten by a classic car bug, it really hard to turn off the itch to building another one.”

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gorgeous 1956 CHEVY BELAIR

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