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American Muscle Cars – Classic American muscle cars are one of the most popular classic cars out there. They look stunning and come with a lot of power. Every motor head would love to have one but due to their popularity, fully restored muscle cars also usually come in a higher price tag. The cheapest way to go, is finding a cheap used muscle car and restore it on your own.

Before you start looking for one, there are some things you need to know so you won’t be wasting your time. Restoring any classic car is expensive and that includes American muscle cars.

Find the right car

This is the most important part in restoring a muscle car. If you have already set out for a specific model then find the best deal you can find. Make sure that the damages it has are manageable. A running engine is certainly a good sign. Look at the damaged parts if there are available replacements or if you can manage to fix them. You need to take in consideration the amount of work and expenses you need to restore it.

old classic muscle cars

Inspect the car thoroughly, there may be some hidden problems you don’t want to encounter after you’ve bought the car. It’s best to have a second pair of eyes with you, bring a professional mechanic or someone knowledgeable. The fee for bringing them will save you the money later on and you can have professional opinion on the amount of work you’ll need for the whole project.

Set a Goal

You have to set a goal. You need to ask the question “How much restoration am I you going for?”

Are you going to restore it just enough that it works and looks decent or fully restore it and ready to go side by side with other muscle cars in car shows? You also need to plan out the work, if you’ll do it yourself or have it restored in a shop.

restoring an old car

Know your budget

Know how much money you can spend on the project. The price on the car itself and the materials you need will cost you a lot. It is important that you are not tight on your budget, expect some problems that will come so it will tend to cost more than you expected. Have some allowance on your budget.

You don’t want to come short on you budget and just end up wasting all the money on an unfinished project.

restoring an old engine

Doing it your self

If you are going to do all the work yourself, make sure you have the space and time. You will also need several tools and machinery for the restoration. Make sure you have the skills and knowledge necessary for the project, it’s something you can just pick up on the go. You need some level of mechanical knowledge to pull it off. You need to be able to handle the amount of work, expect heavy lifting and crawling under the chassis.

If you’re not confident with your skills and knowledge, you can enrol in some mechanical course. Otherwise, it is better to give this project to the professionals. You’ll probably save some money and time if you do. If you force yourself doing it then you may end up making the car in a worse condition. Having professional help is also better if you do not have enough tools for the job, there are some expensive tools that you will only need for the restoration and don’t really need them for future maintenance. Especially the tools needed for the body work.

bodywork on a classic car

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