Mustang Badge Concept Cars

Here’s a list of various fun facts about the first generation Mustang.

  1. Mustang Badge Concept Cars

 Mustang Badge Concept Cars

Ford Motor Company made 2 mid-engine Mustang concept cars. One of them was the 1962 Mustang 1 and the other one was the 1968 Mach II.

  1. Ford Cougar?

Ford Cougar

Before the introduction of Mustang in car industry, this car was named “Cougar” during its development. Prototypes of this car have a cougar emblem instead of the running horse. Lee Iacocca and Henry Ford decided to name it ‘Mustang’ in November 1962. There’s a of lot names on their list such as Torino, Puma, Cheetah and Bronco. I think it was a tough decision back then.


  1. Born To Be A Major Hit!

Mustang in 1964

When Ford unleashed the Mustang in 1964, nobody was prepared for its major success. A total of 418,000 Mustangs were sold during its first year of production and almost 22,000 are sold on its first day. That first day sales record was 27% of all the Mustangs that were sold in 2012. To finish this huge success of first generation, the 1,000,000th Mustang was sold on February 23 1966.


  1. A Smart Advertising Strategy

 new ford mustang advert

Before the day of releasing Ford Mustang in Public, Ford paid three major TV networks to let the people know about their upcoming release. This advertisement was viewed by 29 million people and it was also published on 2,600 newspapers.


  1. Ford Also Took The Road

 ford mustang billboard

Since there’s a lot of people that couldn’t see the unveiling of Mustang in New York or any dealership, Ford displayed the Mustang on over 60 high-traffic places inside the United States. These places included over 10 large airport terminals, over 90 Holiday Inns and on billboards in almost 180 different markets.


  1. The First Mustang Was A Canadian

the first ever ford mustang  

The first Mustang to leave the assembly line with the serial number 0001 was sold to Canada. This was a result of an error because that particular Mustang was only meant for display as a part of Ford’s campaign to sell the car.


  1. The First Mustang Was Traded?

stanley tucker 

 Yup, the man who bought the very first Mustang that left the assembly line was Stanley Tucker. Ford tried to buy it back but Stanley never agreed and almost two years later, he went to Ford’s headquarters to trade his Mustang. Both sides agreed to the deal where Ford gets the very first Mustang while Stanley Tucker gets the 1,000,000th Mustang. Personally, I think it was a clever move.


  1. 100,000 Mustang For Its First Year 

ford first year sales

Ford predicted that their Mustang will sell at least 100,000 units.


  1. Rare 1964 Mustang?

Rare 1964 Mustang

Ford manufactured only 1 four-door Mustang sedan in 1964. That car was supposed to be a replacement for Ford Falcon.


  1. Mustang, A TV Star!

ford mustang on tv

According to MUSTANGIMDB.COM, Mustang appeared on almost 3,300 times on various TV shows in the past 50 years.


  1. Removable Hardtop

 SB95 ford mustang SB95

 Ford planned of producing a removable hardtop for the redesigned 1964 Mustang. It was code named “SB95” but several problems arose and Ford ended up with 1995 SVT Mustang Cobra which was all black.


  1. RED

 red ford mustang

 Red was the most popular color of Mustang while the next favored color was blue, then silver, white, black, green, brown and yellow. In 1967, Ford added two shades of pink, the dusk rose and playboy pink for the exterior color.


  1. Presidential Ford Mustang

Presidential Ford Mustang

In the 30th Anniversary of Ford Mustang, Former president Bill Clinton drove his 1967 Mustang convertible at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, N.C. The exterior of his Mustang was coated with ice blue and with white interior.


  1. 50 Years Of Mustang

50 Years Of Mustang

Ford Mustang is one of those few cars that reached 50 years of production without missing a single model year.


  1. First Ever Customer

 Gail Brown

 The first ever retail customer of Ford Mustang was Gail Brown. She bought it 2 days earlier than the actual release and stories tell that she still owns her Mustang.



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