Most of you probably now Dale Earnhardt Jr. as a hot shot race car driver, a two time Daytona 500 winner but you probably don’t know that Earnhardt is a very sentimental guy. You would expect that his collection would consist of fast race cars but a lot of the cars he keep are because of sentimental value, cars that reminds him of his late father.

For 17 years, Earnhardt was a driver for Chevrolet so we should also expect that he has some Chevy cars in his garage. He also says that he loves the feel and look of classic American muscle.

Let’s take a look at Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s classic car collection.

1967 Camaro Gen I

1967 Camaro Gen I

cool camaro

Although it looks like an original 1967 Camaro, it has several modification made by Earnhardt for increased power and stability. Done by Detroit Speed, sub frame connectors and also the Quadra Link with four-link rear suspension. A hydroformed subframe was also installed in the front. He says that he prefers his classic cars to be as original as possible, modifying them would lose the purpose of keeping classic cars.

This 1967 Camaro is Earnhardt’s Favorite, with great speed and handling who wouldn’t fall in love with this car? This is the car the he mostly uses to drive around his home in Mooresville, North Carolina.


Engine                         Chevy Small block crate V8 engine

Transmission                Five-speed Manual Transmission

1972 Trans Am Racer

1972 Trans Am Racer

Similar to the 1967 Camaro, this second generation 1972 coupe was modified to have the performance of a Trans Am Racer but would still look like an original 1972 coupe. The restoration and modification was done at the Detroit Speed shop by Kyle Tucker. It was repainted with the Hugger Orange them as requested by Earnhardt. A lot of modern parts were used for this custom build.

A Chevy Performance LS2 crate Engine was installed to this 1972 Trans Am Racer. Earnhardt said that he wanted it to be roadworthy but still has the performance of an American muscle. For stability, mini-tubs and Quadra Links system was installed by the Detroit Speed.

Engine                                           LS2 crate Engine

Transmission                            five-speed manual transmission

Suspension                              Quadra Links system

72 coupe

The 1967 Camaro and the 1972 coupe are probably the stars of Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s collection.

These two car the cars he actively drives around town. It is great to see such beast get to roam around unlike some who just ends up in a gallery for display.

1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass

1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass

1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass is one of the cars mostly used in the 1978, 1979, and 1980 Daytona 500. Earnhardt says that he doesn’t really like the design or performance of the Cutlass, he just keeps it because of his love for his sport.


Engine Location                       Front

Engine                                     V6 3785 cc | 231.0 cu in. | 3.8 L.

Transmission                            5-speed manual transmission

Drive Type                               Rear Wheel

Body / Chassis                         Separate body on perimeter box

Bore                                         3.8 in | 97 mm.

Stroke                                      3.4 in | 86 mm.


1956 Chevrolet Bel-Air Nomad Station Wagon

1956 Chevrolet Bel-Air Nomad Station Wagon

This is the car that he drives to the Daytona if he is just going to watch the race that is. This is very sentimental for Earnhardt as his father also had a Chevy Nomad in his collection.


Type                           2-Door Wagon

Color                          Lime Green and Siver Bel Air Style

Mileage                     26,767

Engine                        ZZ4 350 cid. Crate motor

Transmission           3-speed TH350 automatic trans. W/overdrive

Fuel Type                  Unleaded/Super or Regular

Safety Features      Front Disk Brakes, Frt/Rr Seat Belts,Power Steer.

Trim                           Bel Air

Interior Color         Gray


1948 Chevrolet Truck “Grunge Truck”

1948 Chevrolet Truck “Grunge Truck”

It may look like a very rugged ride but it actually has a modern interior. Earnhardt purposely made it to keep the look as it is but has made repairs on the important parts to keep in running. He rebuilt the drivetrain and replaced the chassis with a new one. Earnhardt said he likes to surprise people and make them think that this is a beat up truck which it isn’t.

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