peter max corvette collection

A collection of 36 classic corvettes which has a latest model year of 1989 owned by renowned painter Peter Max. The collection has been kept under the sun and slowly rusting for 25 years. Peter Max bought the collection from a guy that won this amazing prize at a VH1 contest held in 1989. The contest by VH1 cable music channel was a call to a 900 number with a $2 fee to enter. Over 1 million people made the call and a lucky carpenter named Dennis Amodeo from Long Island won the prize.

*Check out this classic “Chevrolet Corvette Parking Only” sign.*

Peter bought them for a special art project that never came to light and these beauties were kept in the dark. Without proper maintenance they deteriorated through time. Until recently when a guy named Adam Heller managed to buy the collection and plan to restore each and every one of these beauties. Adam Heller and his family will restore the corvettes and eventually sell them as a whole set. It was reported that Adam initially offered Peter Max to restore the collection and split the profit. Peter refused and offered to just buy the collection.

adam heller corvettes

Adam Heller together with some of corvettes he now owns.

Corvette fans are excited about this as the collection will hopefully get the care they deserve. An interested buyer will need a very deep pocket to purchase all 36 corvettes. The corvettes are covered with thick layers of dust that was said to have protected the paint. Corvette expert Chris Mazzilli helping with the restoration, says that some will only need minor restoration and will last just a couple of weeks. Others need major restoration and may take a whole year to complete.

1969 Corvette Stingray

Chrizz Mazzilli posing next to a 1969 Corvette Stingray.    

The collection consist of corvette models from 1953 to 1989. The most prized car is 1953 corvette where 300 of the model was made. The 1953 will need a full frame restoration, this means that the whole body will be removed from the chassis and everything will get a complete overhaul. After full restoration, it is believed to be the most prized 1953 corvette in the world. Another corvette is from 1955 and only 700 were built. The 1955 corvette also needs substantial restoration.

*Check out this classic “Chevrolet Corvette Parking Only” sign.*

The collection was expected to be fully restored next year but some unfortunate events have raised problems. As reported by the New York Post, Jeff Wallner and Kenneth Simmons are filling a law suit against the psychedelic painter Peter Max and his agent Larry Moskowits for a million. The party claim that Peter Max promised them a commission of 10% if they sell him the prized collection, a commission they never got. The plaintiff claims that they have text and emails as a solid evidence to prove that Max made the deal. Corvette fans can just pray that the collection will not end up in another dark garage again.



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