Mike Simpson already owned a ‘69 C10 before and he built it to perfection. But sadly the climate had never been a friend for a lot of people in Illinois. His truck was destroyed right inside its garage and although it was a tough and heartbreaking scene to see your beloved truck destroyed by the weather, Mike chose to move on and find a new truck.

Mike didn’t want to stray away from his C10 because he is so deeply in love with that model and body style. Luckily, he found a 1967 Chevy C10 at a local car site. Although the truck was in bad condition, he didn’t hesitate to buy it. He knew he had the ability to restore the C10 to its former glory.

A Brief History About The Chevrolet C10

Chevrolet released a new model for a light pick up in 1960. It was characterized by many new features such as the independent front suspension and the drop-center ladder frame. The “C” indicates a 2-wheel drive while “K” represents the 4-wheel drive.

For the first series of the Chevrolet, C/K became popular amongst truck drivers. Chevy made improvements and made a new series of pick up trucks starting from the 1967 model. The 1969 Chevy C10 was part of this series. This new series features modern parts such as rust resistant sheet metal, an upgraded 350 cu in V-8 engine, a modified hood which is more vertical than the previous models and a new stylish design for the grille.

Furthermore, the 1969 C10 has an option of adding a lower body and upper body trim.

Once again, Mike started to build another C10 in his garage. After dissembling the body, he quickly called Nate at Porterbuilt and ordered all his suspension parts.

After building the chassis and body, Mike Simpson turned his attention to his truck’s custom bodywork. The entire bed template was made of Pine but the finished bed was made of Oak.

Mike removed its stock 350 then replaced it with a LS engine. After rebuilding the brakes as well as the exhaust, he proceeded with the heavy customization of the cabin.

CHEVROLET C10 interior

Volkswagen Jetta seats were used to give the C10 a comfortable and custom look. He also added a Vintage air kit to provide good airflow to its interior.

After all the necessary modifications on its body, the truck was sent into a paint booth to have its Designo Graphite paint job. This idea was originally from a car that Mike and his father saw at the SEMA show the year before.

There’s no doubt why Mike Simpson loves this truck, simply because C10 focused on style and quality. Because of its popularity, there many C10 were produced that’s why finding its parts was easy. The Chevrolet C10 was a perfect truck if your starting to build your first restored classic truck.

new build CHEVROLET C10


1967 Chevrolet C10 by Mike Simpson


Front Suspension: Porterbuilt drop member, Slam Specialties 2600lb ’bags, KYB shocks, Unisteer steering rack
Rear Suspension: Porterbuilt drop member, KYB shocks, Firestone sleeve ’bags, all aluminum air lines, SMC valves, Viair compressors, AVS switch box
Brakes: McGaughy’s
Engine: completely rebuilt 2003 Silverado 5.3L, Painted engine block, stainless headers, wire harness reworked by S&S Performance
Transmission: Rebuilt 4160 with 3200 stall converter
Rearend: 12 bolt Chevy with Auburn center section, Richmond gears, new axles
Bed floor raised 5 inches, custom oak floor stained Onyx, bumpers shaved and tucked, exhaust routed through the bedsides, handmade front wheel tubs, everything shaved but the door handles, DuPont Designo Graphite paint with Platinum Silver accent color
Tilt steering column, custom-made gauge cluster, Volkswagen Jetta seats, custom-made center console, Billet steering wheel, Vintage Air, custom door panels, one-piece side windows
Wheels & Tires:
Wheels: 20×8.5; Eagle Alloy 227
Tires: 255/35R20; BFGoodrich T/A

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