1964 GMC Suburban Tour Bus

This is a great opportunity for anyone who knows how to utilize this long treasure! It looks unusually long and does not look like an ordinary tour bus. This is a 1964 GMC Suburban Tour Bus that used to be a Yosemite National Park tour bus. Built by Armbruster-Stageway that used to be known for building multi door vehicles. Although they are currently focused on creating hearses, they are still in business.

The GMC still looks in good shape but will still need a lot of work to be bring out its best. You can find this lengthy beauty in Marysville, California, around 40 minutes from Sacramento if there is no heavy traffic. We rarely see any of the GMC Suburban Ilk today and this find is a rare opportunity to work with. This will look great after you rework the dark green paint job and black rim jobs, although it will also look great to have more art as you have a very long canvass to work with.

1964 GMC Suburban Bus

Anyone who enjoys taking tours like in the Yosemite National Park would love to take a tour in a this one that has an open roof. The seller says that it was a ragtop so it will need some work and money to have a ragtop custom made for this one. Of course there are better tour bus out there but this GMC also has a lot of potential as long as you have a right idea on how to use it. The owner mentioned that they wielded 2 of the doors shut. Most likely the 2 doors on the driver’s side for safety concerns, probably to prevent the excited tourist from jumping out into traffic. All other doors work fine.

1964 GMC Suburban Tour Bus interior

Most tour bus like this are automatic but surprisingly this one is a manual. With the right driver a manual can be a lot better for both passengers and driver. The photo above is the only interior shot and as seen in the photo, the dash still looks great. The down side to this one is that the owner has mentioned “Lots of RUST ON FLOORPANS (flat pieces) Update replaced 6 feet of flat floor, still has rust along bottom of rocker panels”. So expect some rust that will some work done. The owner also mention that it needs “Brakes and tires and shift linkage is messed up so is now not drivable.” You can fix those while it parks on your 30’ long lift.

AC are no longer need as the roof and side windows are open so you can have a nice breeze while enjoying your tour. Fully packed this can weight around 3.5 – 4 tons and it runs on a 305 V6. You can either rebuild the engine or replace it with a beefier engine.

1964 GMC Suburban Tour Bus engine

All in all, this is a very unique find and with the right idea this can be a great ride! For anyone interested, this is priced at $9,500.

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