1978 Lamborghini Countach


Vehicle Specifications:

Submitted by              Richard Owen

Type:                            Series Production

Production Years:     1974 – 1978

Production                  157

Predecessor                1971 Lamborghini Miura P400 SV

Successor                    1978 Lamborghini Countach LP400S

Engine                         60 V12

Position                       Mid, Longitudinal

Aspiration                   Natural

Valvetrain                   DOHC 2 Valves / Cyl

Fuel Speed                  6 Twin-throat Weber 45 DCOE Carburetors

Displacement             3929 cc / 239.8 in3

Bore                              82.0 mm / 3.23 in

Stroke                           62.0 mm / 2.44 in

Compression               10.5:1

Power                           279.6 kw / 375 bhp @ 8000 rpm

Specific Output           95.44 bhp per litre

Bhp/weight                  273.72 bhp per tone

Torque                           360.6 nm / 266 ft lbs. @ 5,500 rpm

Body / Frame               Aluminium Body over Steel Spaceframe

Driven Wheels             RWD

Wheel Type                  Campagnolo Cast Magnesium

Front Tires                   205/70-VR-14 Michelin XWX

Rear Tires                     215/70-VR-14 Michelin XWX

Front Brakes                Girling Ventilated Discs w/ Vacuum Assist

Rear Brakes                  Girling Ventilated Discs w/ Vacuum Assist

Front Wheels                F 35.6 x 19.1 cm / 14.0 x 7.5 in

Rear Wheels                  R 35.6 x 24.1 cm / 14.0 x 9.5 in

F Suspension                 Independent w/Coil Springs, Telescopic Shock Absorbers

Curb Weight                  1370 kg / 3020 lbs

Wheelbase                      2450 mm / 96.5 in

Front Track                    1500 mm / 59.1 in

Length                             4140 mm / 163.0 in

Width                               1890 mm / 74.4 in

Height                              1070 mm / 42.1 in

Transmission                  5-Speed Manual

Gear Ratios                     2.256:1, 1.769:1, 1.310:1, 0.990:1, 0.775:1

Final Drive                      4.09:1

1978 Lamborghini Countach LP400S

The Launch of Lamborghini Countach LP400

In 1965, car enthusiasts and the automotive world were all surprised by the presentation of the Lamborghini Miura Chassis. The finished car was launched the succeeding year with a mid-mounted four-cam V-12 engine and low, sleek, dramatic styling. It set a new standard for Italian supercars.

Marcello Gandini was the designer behind the LP500. Its shape was resembled to a flying wedge on wheels.

Where Did It Get Its Name?

According to, it is believed the origin of the name came from someone who, upon seeing it, exclaimed “countach!” Certainly, the Piedmontese dialect expression, being the verbal equivalent of a wolf-whistle, was apt.

Moreover, the idea behind the ‘Persicopo’ name was the small periscopic mirror installed in the original prototype’s roof to support the awful rear visibility. The rooftop tunnel stayed on until the mid LP400s. It is even one of the favorite design touches on the car.

Meanwhile, the LP from the ‘LP400’ of the name stands for ‘LongitudinalePosteriore.’

1978 Lamborghini LP400S

The legendary test driver Bob Wallace led a mechanical revamp, endless tweaks and a tireless test programme on the car. In 1974 Geneva Motor Show, a production-ready Countach LP400 surfaced and from then, the orders flooded in.

This car sat on a lightweight and extremely strong tubular space-frame chassis. The remarkable alloy bodywork consisted of several vents and unique NACA ducts so that the engine could cool, as well as the engine, the brakes, and the cabin. Those scissor doors that catch the thoughts of almost every schoolboy way back that time weren’t just aesthetic too. The car was so wide with conventional doors.

To satisfy Ferrucio Lamborghini’s desire for less cabin noise, its 4.0-litre, 375HP V12 engine was mounted longitudinally compared to the Miura’s transversely mounted unit. The gearbox was uncommonly positioned ‘twixt driver and passenger, to improve gearbox connection and vehicle balance. This Countach is capable of 200 mph.

Only 150 ‘Periscopos” were manufactured.

1978 Countach LP400S

This Countach may be the most remarkable designed car in its time. With its exceptionally rare look, this LP400 “Periscopo’ should certainly be the pick of the bunch. No wonder it has brought a new era in space-age supercar design.


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